Saturday, March 14

Israel Defence Firm does Bollywood songs

This just made me go wtf wtf wtf all over the place. What is with the bloody planes and missiles draped with garlands, and with Hanuman on the wall? With a silly sod song to boot? Wanted me to stab my eyes.

Bloody hell. Blurb from the site. I was cringing!!!!
The Israeli arms firm Rafael displayed this Bollywood dance number-based marketing video at the recently held Aero India 2009 in Bangalore. This video has been uploaded for the purpose of embedding on the Defense and Strategic Affairs Online News Magazine, StratPost with the permission of Rafael. Copyright rests with Rafael.

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Fusion of Hinduism and Judaism by Kirtan Rabbi

This was amazing, Kirtan is obviously a Hindu way of singing religious hymns with instruments and the entire congregation sings along with the singers. But this is the first time I have seen a Rabbi do this. Good man. Fascinating. some of the Youtube videos showed almost Sufi like divine worship by some of the participants.

h/t Jewschool.

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My First Babies In The Garden For 2009

Here are the first shot of my garden babies this year, I have Chinese Lantern Physalis, a blueberry and red currant bush plant, some lupins and a garden gnome to be painted by the princess. You can also see another gnome in the back :)


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Friday, March 13

A letter to our neighbour

With a sense of deep foreboding, I am  seeing the same old same old story repeating itself again in Pakistan. The attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team, the situation in Punjab, the corruption allegations, the threats from the military, the chatterati returning to their old way of thinking that its the military's or the  rotten politicians'  fault or that Pakistan needs Jinnah again or blaming Zia or needing Allah.

And this opinion is, by and large, found across the spectrum. Always the easy way out, reaching for the army!. I am reading messages which seem to say that President Musharraf was better than the existing leadership. Or it would be good that the current Army Chief should step in or when would be a good time for them to step in. But no, that’s not going to work. Here’s a question. Zardari is a corrupt man. So? What are your choices? Tell me an available choice that means that in 5 years time, you will have a better state?

It does not matter if its Zardari or Sharif really. What I am trying to say is that you have to stick with your leaders. Who are on the second rung? Have you seen your Nazims? How about the third rung of leaders? Say the chaps who are in University right now? Who will be the leader making decisions in your old age? Or for your children or  grand-children?

What kind of politicians and leaders are you creating and developing? Look at your political landscape! It is shattered, but it is the only one  you have. Stick with your civilian government and try to improve it rather than replace it, because you tried replacing your governments so many times before. Every time you replaced a government either through that silly Doctrine of Necessity or through a coup or what have you, the leader turned out to be not what you expected.

What else do you expect? That you will have messiah's? That somebody will drop down from Jannat to lead Pakistan into the heavenly kingdom? No Sir, I am afraid it wont happen that easily. You have to work hard - very hard indeed starting with tiny steps. Very small steps, which mean trying to improve things little by little and yes, having faith in your democracy. You have an elected government, work with it. Try to improve it. The Army is not meant for governing but is meant for security purposes. If the army is going to govern, will the politicians fight? A rather silly notion!

Dont give up, neighbours, keep on working, keep the army where it belongs, namely in the barracks, not in your parliament or in your municipal corporations. You also do not want to do regicide. I know there were 4 sessions where you had BB and Sharifs alternating in ruining your country, but that does not mean you let the army back in. It just means that you try for a while longer so that the politicians improve. Allow the 2nd and 3rd rung of leaders to start moving up into positions of influence, so that you can improve the political system.

But the sheer amount of cynicism? Come on, folks, life is tough enough. Instead of moaning and whining, try your best to think positive about your country, who else will?

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Wednesday, March 11

two worlds, one beach

Call it culture clash, call it ironical, call it fantastic juxtaposition, call it cross cultural issues, the divide between rich and poor, but very nice and thought provoking photograph.


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Ataturk was a Jew

I am now finally educated and understand why Ataturk was such a great man and delivered so many things to his country, not least self respect, modernity and got rid of the grasp of the medieval mullahs and thieving bloodsucking royalty. It was because he was a Jew. I know you are reeling from shock and awe and horror, but its true, my friends, i read it on the internet. I quote from this fascinating site:

Until the end of the Independence War of Turkey against the Europeans who occupied the Ottoman land after WWI, Mustafa Kemal seemed an observant Muslim. He was praying in mosques with Muslims.. He was giving sermons at Friday prayers in mosques.. He was swearing he would fight to save the Khilafah (Califate). He was praising Islam and the Prophet all the time.. He was calling the Qur'an "the most Perfect Book." He was saying that the Qur'an was the Constitution.. And he was saying all these in the newly opened National Grand Assembly in Ankara during the Independence War...
So the Muslims trusted him... And he was given full power during the War.. After Turkey was liberated, he was elected as the President of Turkey by the Assembly..
After a while, he started, slowly, his anti-Islamic reforms.. The man who had been saying that "The Qur'an was the Constitution" was now saying "We do not receive our laws from the sky" referring to the Qur'anic revelations... In order to achieve his anti-Islamic reforms, he did not hesitate to use force, terror, gallows, torture, prison, etc...
How could that happen?.. How could a man who had been praising Islam abolish the Khilafah and start his anti-Islamic reforms suddenly?..

The Secret Jews, Joachim Prinz, 1973, pp. 111-122

..... In December 1686, more than three hundred families converted to Islam in Salonika. Like Shabtai and other Marranos, they continued to attend Jewish services secretly and observed certain Jewish customs in their homes.
This was the origin of the most important group, numerically and historically, of Islamic Marranos. The faithful Mohemmedans call these hidden Jews 'doenmehs', the renegades. ..... Over the years the 'doenmeh' movement became firmly established in Asia Minor. In the nineteenth century the sect was estimated to have twenty thousand members. Salonika remained its main seat until that city became Greek in 1913. Although the Jewish community remained there under Greek rule, the 'doenmehs' moved to Constantinople.
The revolt of the Young Turks in 1908 against the authoritarian regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid began among the intellectuals of Salonika. It was from there that the demand for a constitutional regime originated. Among the leaders of the revolution which resulted in a more modern government in Turkey were Djavid Bey and Mustafa Kemal. Both were ardent 'doenmehs'. Djavid Bey became minister of finance; Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new regime and he adopted the name of Ataturk. His opponents tried to use his 'doenmeh' background to unseat him, but without success. Too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had as their real prophet Shabtai Zvi, the Messiah of Smyrna.

Also see this site.

My friends, we are now faced with the Axis of Drivel :)

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The Bailout Mascot


Seems really quite accurate to me…

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Quote of the day:
The truth is rarely pure and never simple. - Oscar Wilde
Quote of the Day:
There should be no yelling in the home unless there is a fire.
--David Oman McKay

Sunday, March 8

Poor Harriet Harman is looking for a green custard thrower

This blessed lady is supposed to be making a leadership challenge to Gordon Brown. And in pursuit of this aim, she is generally being seriously silly, making silly comments about overturning the rule of law, doing silly sod things in her ministry and generally looking like a total backside of a homar.

But the sad thing is, that despite making herself a laughing stock, making the UK a laughing stock and generally being stupid trying to appeal to her party, she isn't as popular as Peter Mandelson. Oooo, that is going to hurt badly. This is ridiculous.

Here’s an idea, Harriet, get somebody to throw green custard over you, that should help in improving your image, lol lol lol.

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