Saturday, April 18

Damian McBride email smears: Gordon Brown pays the price

Any leader or manager is clearly taught right from the beginning, you take responsibility for your actions. You know what bothers me about Gordon Brown? That he doesnt take responsibility for his actions. Guess what he says? He said, “I take full responsibility for Damian McBride’s actions and have fired the man who was responsible” That’s WTF to the greatest degree.

And people realise it, they know that if Gordon Brown can do that for his long term staff members, then what will he do to the common man and woman? Shaft them regularly which he has been doing.

Guess what? The recent polls are showing the result.

The Marketing Sciences survey published in The Sunday Telegraph puts Labour's support at just 26 per cent, with the Tories 17 points ahead on 43 per cent and heading for a Commons majority of 120.

Labour's support has slumped alarmingly in the wake of the scandal which saw the Prime Minister's former key adviser Mr McBride resign after it emerged he had sent emails from 10 Downing Street suggesting smears against leading Conservatives.

So what does Damian say?

Mr McBride, who resigned from his £60,000-a-year No10 job without severance pay, has spoken of the "utter despair" he feels over the way the row has damaged the Government. He told friends this weekend: "I was prepared for what would happen to me personally but I've been in utter despair about the impact it has had on Gordon and on the Government more widely. "I cannot understand why something I did entirely off my own bat – while a terrible mistake – has been partly blamed on other people."

Obviously Mr. McBride is a stranger to typical social conditions that a manager and leader is only reflective of the people they hire. Just like you are known by the friends you keep, the people you hire and work with define what you are. A smart boss with character and integrity hires people who are intelligent and have oodles of character and integrity. You worked for Brown for years. Its not like he didn't know you, and if he didn't, then he is a very poor manager. Pshaw. Disgusting.

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Friday, April 17

Cabinet bows to protests over dyke breach plan

Take this as you will.

Libelling Hanuman

I fell about laughing at these chaps. Truly idiotic. Can you actually libel a God? Or an incarnation of a God? or what have you? I am thinking back to our vast pantheon of Gods and thinking, hmmm, I wonder where in the millions of Gods and their histories have I ever read about a God being Libelled.

As a Hindu, I find these guys as pseudo Hindu's, do not know their own religion or the vast corpus of work on it or the various interpretations of Ramayana or or or.

So there ARE 300 different versions of Ramayana, but because these pinheads only know of one, all others are wrong eh? Now where have we heard this before? I know, they are the Taliban or the Wahhabi’s. Hence these chaps aren't Hindu’s but Pseudo Hindu's out to malign Hinduism. Its the election which is drawing out all these stupid idiots.

And for some reason, the word intellectual seems to get them going like idiots. Perhaps their fury is directed towards people who think? See what I mean? Any time anybody does a Gita or a Purana pravachan, they are thinking and extrapolating. They are intellectuals. Sighs, clowns and lol, most amusing.

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Monday, April 13

Gordon Brown will FORCE you to VOLUNTEER

So lets see, every young person will be FORCED to VOLUNTEER for 50 hours of work if Labour wins the next election.

Forget about the totalitarian and nanny state aspects of this stupidity, its just the sheer idiocy of this statement which bewilders me. That is how you motivate your youth to join and do good things for society you pillock? See what we have done with SIFE in my other blog. You give them faith, hope, funding and let them get along to come up with a good way to give back to society, but no, you frigging over-controlling moron, have to bring the state into it and this will immediately turn off every teenager.

What a moron.

" a normal part of growing up in Britain". "The contributions of each of us will build a better society for all of us. "That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19

He obviously has never been a teenager, he sprang fully grown from the pillar of idiocy. Which teenager will do good societal work on the basis of expectations by the government? Idiot.

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Criminally Stupid Drug War in the USA

I agree line by line, word by word on what Clive Crook says on his recent blog article about the drug war in the USA. There is no difference here in the UK as well. I quote:

How much misery can a policy cause before it is acknowledged as a failure and reversed? The US “war on drugs” suggests there is no upper limit. The country’s implacable blend of prohibition and punitive criminal justice is wrong-headed in every way: immoral in principle, since it prosecutes victimless crimes, and in practice a disaster of remarkable proportions. Yet for a US politician to suggest wholesale reform of this brainless regime is still seen as an act of reckless self-harm.

Few policies manage to fail so comprehensively, and what makes it all the odder is that the US has seen it all before. Everybody understands that alcohol prohibition in the 1920s suffered from many of the same pathologies – albeit on a smaller scale – and was eventually abandoned.

The present treatment of alcohol, which is to regulate and tax the product, is the right approach for today’s illegal drugs. One could expect some increase in the use of the drugs in question, but also an enormous net reduction in the harms that they and the attempt to prohibit them cause. Adding the direct costs of prohibition (police and prisons) to the taxes forgone by the present system, the US could also expect a fiscal benefit of about $100bn (€75.7bn, £68.2bn) a year.

Is an outbreak of common sense on this subject likely? Unfortunately, no.

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India launches Israeli Spy Satellite – spots ulcers

Ok, so it has not launched yet, but for some reason, Israel seems to brings all the weirdo’s out of the woodwork. Plus I suspect that it also produces the greatest amount of ulcers, specially with the preponderance of people foaming about Zionist plots and the like. And for India to actually have a military relationship with Israel, the land of non-violence, non-alignment, great power, USA loving etc. etc. just confuses the brown organic matter from people. But love it :)

But leaving aside the politics out of it, the actual stuff that that this satellite will do is pretty good. I quote:

The satellite is a PSLV C12 remote-sensing model. The satellite can take images of the earth day and night and under all weather conditions, which is useful for India in protecting its borders. The satellite can send images to a ground station through cloud cover or at night, using radar technology.

Good stuff. India actually has some very good analysts, you know? Give them this and they would provide another layer of security from the various uglies in the neighbourhood.

And now that Israel is working on Cricket as well, just what do you think will happen if Israel plays India in cricket? I cannot wait for that day.

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