Saturday, April 18

Damian McBride email smears: Gordon Brown pays the price

Any leader or manager is clearly taught right from the beginning, you take responsibility for your actions. You know what bothers me about Gordon Brown? That he doesnt take responsibility for his actions. Guess what he says? He said, “I take full responsibility for Damian McBride’s actions and have fired the man who was responsible” That’s WTF to the greatest degree.

And people realise it, they know that if Gordon Brown can do that for his long term staff members, then what will he do to the common man and woman? Shaft them regularly which he has been doing.

Guess what? The recent polls are showing the result.

The Marketing Sciences survey published in The Sunday Telegraph puts Labour's support at just 26 per cent, with the Tories 17 points ahead on 43 per cent and heading for a Commons majority of 120.

Labour's support has slumped alarmingly in the wake of the scandal which saw the Prime Minister's former key adviser Mr McBride resign after it emerged he had sent emails from 10 Downing Street suggesting smears against leading Conservatives.

So what does Damian say?

Mr McBride, who resigned from his £60,000-a-year No10 job without severance pay, has spoken of the "utter despair" he feels over the way the row has damaged the Government. He told friends this weekend: "I was prepared for what would happen to me personally but I've been in utter despair about the impact it has had on Gordon and on the Government more widely. "I cannot understand why something I did entirely off my own bat – while a terrible mistake – has been partly blamed on other people."

Obviously Mr. McBride is a stranger to typical social conditions that a manager and leader is only reflective of the people they hire. Just like you are known by the friends you keep, the people you hire and work with define what you are. A smart boss with character and integrity hires people who are intelligent and have oodles of character and integrity. You worked for Brown for years. Its not like he didn't know you, and if he didn't, then he is a very poor manager. Pshaw. Disgusting.

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