Saturday, December 20

More bewilderment at the British National Party

The British National Party, is a rabidly nationalist and racist party. On several conservative mailing lists, their members are found. I will be blunt about this, anybody who joins the BNP is clearly from the shallow end of the gene pool. I mean, you are going to establish policy on the basis of genetics and the level of melanin in your skin. It is also not surprising that most of the members of that august party are usually less than literate or even educated. No worries, as long as they have an association, and are allowed to participate in the political process without violence, that's fine. After all, even algae have a right to the political process, if they can arrange to do so, that is.

But here's something that I read recently. About how the BNP is trying to reach out to kids. Now what's so amusing is that most silly and stupid bunch of people seem to gather around to see them. I loved this piece about this chap.

'britishboy7' turns up on the friends list of 'loyallands', as well as that of 'StormOverEurope14' and numerous other BNP members and supporters.

On his YouTube page, 'britishboy7' declares that he 'hate[s] muslims' and that he is 'an english knight'. According to him, Muslims 'rape,pilage and murder white and non believers. Aswell as grooming young white,black,shiek,hindu and even budist girls for sex and get them hooked on drugs' (sic). He believes 'Its time we got some sence and inteligance back into our sociaty' (sic), and how might we do this? By joining the BNP of course!

'britishboy7' declares: 'IM A PROUD SUPPORTER AND FUND RAISER OF THE BNP. The one and only party for me will always be the BNP'.

This proud supporter of the BNP subscribes to a lot of YouTube channels, including ones dedicated to 'lesbian kissing', 'lesbian foot worship', 'foot worship', and even gay male 'sock worship'. Presumably this is all strictly for 'research purposes'.

I was laughing my head off, gay male sock worship? lol lol lol. And then he joins Nazi sites. Perhaps BritishBoy7 has forgotten that the Nazi's merrily pushed all homosexuals into the concentration camps? I quote:

Between 1933-45, more than 100,000 men were registered by police as homosexuals ("Rosa Listen" or "Pink Lists"), and of these, some 50,000 were officially sentenced. Most of these men spent time in regular prisons, and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 of the total sentenced were incarcerated in concentration camps. It is unclear how many of these 5,000 to 15,000 eventually perished in the concentration camps. The leading scholar Ruediger Lautman however believes that the death rate in concentration camps of imprisoned homosexuals may have been as high as 60%. Homosexuals in camps were treated in an unusually cruel manner by their captors, and were also persecuted by their fellow inmates. This was a factor in the relatively high death rate for homosexuals, compared to other "anti-social groups".

More recently however German state television channel Deutsche Welle updated this figure to "almost 55,000" deaths following the study of documents from archives in East Germany that had been inaccessible to researchers for decades after the war.

I am sure BritishBoy7 would do good to learn this, if he does carry on and the Nazi's do come into play, then he wouldnt have much chance to deal with gay sock worshipping (what on earth is that?)

What a bunch of wankers, but according to the BNP website:

The Young BNP’s ‘Billy Brit’ video channel on YouTube has proven to be yet another highly successful initiative in engaging with young people, reports Mike Howson, national youth co-ordinator.

“In particular, the latest Billy Brit video, called ‘The Reds Smell’, has proven to be very popular,” Mr Howson said. “By using music and humour, we are able to deliver a powerful message which finds resonance with all those amused at the Communist rabble who oppose the BNP.”

Sighs, welcome to the BNP.

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Is killing acid attackers unlawfully right?

This is a tough one. I personally think that any man who attacks a girl with acid should be publicly castrated by having his genitals burnt away with acid. Yes, I know, this is medieval justice but there is much to be said about the deterrent effect of letting these bastard boys know the pain and joy of acid being sprinkled on their bodies. If they thought with their penis's, then let that be destroyed.

For example, these boys sprayed acid on 2 girls. I quote:

K Swapnika, 24, who suffered acid burns on her face, chest, back and thighs in the attack that took place on Wednesday evening, is battling for her life in a Hyderabad hospital. The second victim, T Pranitha, is out of danger.The main accused, Srinivas, had been turned down by the girls. He along with his two accomplices, drove a bike and threw acid on the girls last Wednesday. The girls were returning home in a scooter.

But now the situation is slightly different. The policemen arrested the boys and...

Around 11.30 pm on Friday, the three accused were taken to Mamnoor, near Warangal. According to the police, Srinivas and his accomplices had claimed that they had hidden the acid bottles used in the attack and the motorcycle in which they committed the crime in Mamnoor. "While we were searching, Srinivas took out a country-made pistol and the other two whipped up knives and acid bottles. In the retaliatory action, all the three were shot dead," SP Sajjanar said on Saturday morning in a version that nobody believes. 

Now this is not good. This was an extra judicial killing, unlawful killing to be precise. I understand the need for revenge, but for the police to do this is beyond the line. You cannot do one wrong in response to another wrong. Yes, I know, its hypocritical of me. I am asking for clearly unlawful things to be done to these boys and then saying that the police were doing unlawful things as well. But I have to say that my points were more due to frustrated anger, rather than breaking the law which these policemen were doing.

Think about what the father of one of these boys said:

The father of the prime accused refused to take his body and justified his elimination as "justice done for the crime''.

Justice might have been done but not lawfully.

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Thursday, December 18

Sex and the Citizen

The Economist just reported on a rather prurient piece of information on the level of promiscuity of their citizens. Quite interesting:



There is obviously no way of confirming this, but I was bit nervous of relying on those tiny snippets so went looking for the original paper itself. Here are the details of the mean scores and the standard deviations:

Nation Mean SD
Argentina 40.74 28.38
Australia 37.29 23.87
Austria 45.73 31.23
Bangladesh 19.67 17.59
Belgium 32.82 18.81
Bolivia 40.9 32.87
Botswana 27.02 26.78
Brazil 37.93 31.51
Canada 34.52 22.58
Congo, 32.43 22.68
Croatia 42.98 26.46
Czech 37.52 24.01
Estonia 39.95 29.73
Ethiopia 26.55 25.63
Fiji 38.58 33.34
Finland 50.5 32.47
France 36.67 23.03
Germany 39.68 24.95
Greece 32.38 16.21
Hong 22.9 16.85
Israel 40.95 26.98
Italy 34.37 26.75
Japan 24.1 18.51
Latvia 43.93 25.44
Lebanon 28.57 25.26
Lithuania 46.1 30.68
Malta 31.27 24.17
Mexico 35.69 23.29
Morocco 39.31 36.85
Netherlands 39.34 25.07
New Zealand 47.69 31.52
Peru 34.59 30.35
Philippines 32.1 28.58
Poland 34.21 25.39
Portugal 29.55 18.37
Romania 32.16 29.87
Serbia 38.72 24.08
Slovakia 34.9 24.55
Slovenia 46.26 25.71
South Korea 22.21 14.8
Spain 33.72 20.64
Switzerland 39.13 22.3
Taiwan 19.22 17.64
Turkey 36.06 31.38
Ukraine 32.27 27.03
Ukraine 40.17 29.27
USA 37.05 25.77
Zimbabwe 22.66 26.07
Total 35.31 26.05


An interesting study, wouldn't you say? They do some tests on the correlation between national factors and promiscuity and come up with some interesting correlations.

  • Higher the incidence of childhood mortality, low birth rate, teen pregnancy rate, fertility rate and child malnutrition, the lower is the promiscuity levels...
  • higher the human development index and the life expectancy, higher the promiscuity levels....

So what happens if we check the differences between men's and women's promiscuity with cultural factors? Well, across a range of factors ranging from % women in parliament, % women in ministerial positions, gender development
index, women’s wage equality; % women-headed households; % women using contraception; women’s mean age at marriage; divorce rate; etc. etc., higher the women's emancipation, higher is the promiscuity factor. And across the board, the men have lower correlation figures than men. Go figure (the men are sulking..)

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Wednesday, December 17

To avoid heart attacks, dont live with in-laws

Somewhat amusing but also serious. I quote:

Japanese women are generally not at high risk for heart attacks -- unless they live with in-laws, according to a new study. Married Japanese women who live with both their husbands and a set of parents -- in Japan, that almost always means the husband’s parents, according to the researchers -- were three times more likely to suffer a heart attack than those living just with their husbands.

Having children at home also was associated with an increased risk of heart attacks among Japanese women, but not by as much, the study found. When women lived with both parents and children, the risk of heart attacks doubled rather than tripled. The heart attack risk was slightly higher among women living with both spouses and children, the study found.

Is that cultural? Presumably living with family should reduce stress. Look at this quote:

Women who lived with their spouses and parents, usually in-laws, were less likely to smoke or drink heavily, but were three times more likely to have had a heart attack, the researchers found.

Puzzling, no? but given the fact that this doesnt occur across the world means that I suspect this is more cultural rather than medical.

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Another example of a fraudulent letter

I have spoken before about how the fraudsters are now targeting people via their desire for good jobs. Another Indian friend of mine got contacted out of the blue and thankfully he contacted me. Here is the email. Let this be a warning guys, read and worry, this is not good. Just read the letter, its full of dorky stuff.


Dear Bhaskar,
Trust this finds you in best of health and high spirit.
I received one offer letter from M/s. KORA OIL AND GAS CO. UK, for the post of PROJECT ANALYST and document is attached herewith.
Could you please do me a favor by getting the information about the Recruiting Agency and the Company as I have seen couple of complaints on about the Company's Recruitment Policies through various Recruiting Agencies.
Please guide me if you can as I would plan accordingly.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chommy Recruitment <>
Date: Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 5:36 AM
Subject: Appointment_letter_kora_oil_and_gas_company
To: ??????

Tel/Fax: (+44) 7024027877
ATTN: Mihir Ranjan Sengupta,      
It is of utmost importance to inform you that after the screening and scrutiny of your Curriculum Vitae with other verification procedures carried out, KORA OIL& GAS COMPANY (KOG) were able to resolve the status of your application.
On this note, we hereby congratulate you on the success of your application and as such we have attached to you the Offer Letter/Terms of Agreement that transcends any written document. You are therefore required to follow these procedures IMMEDIATELY so as to complete your employment formalities:
(1)You are to contact the UK traveling visa for a valid Work-Permit/Employment Authorization Document IMMEDIATELY so as to enable your work in London legally.
Note that the procurement of your work-permit MUST not exceed the deadline as stipulated in the offer letter as it would take four (5) working days for the uk traveling visa to procure your work-permit before the United kingdom high commission.
Below are the contact details of the UK traveling visa:
UTV Corporate Building
12 Milton Hills, Water Crescent
BP 78965 London - UK
E-mail: or
Tel: (+44) 702 4070903
(2)Do get back to us with developments and updates regarding the procurement of your valid work-permit.You are required to contact the Human Resources Manger in case of any clarifications .Below with his contact information.
CONTACT PHONE:  Tel: (+44) 7024010751
(3) Once we confirm your works and residence permit from the UK traveling visa, which stipulates that you are ready Congratulations!!!to join the team, we will take care of your traveling documents together with your flight ticket and any money which you spend in the procurement of your UK Valid papers will be reimbursed to you during your first month upfront salary.
We hereby once more congratulate you on the success of you application amongst many that have applied and thereby instruct you to expedite all requirements as aforementioned so as to be able to meet the team before the deadline.
Dr James Code                                                   
Recruitment Co-coordinator
Chommy Recruitment International (Agent)
Telephone: (+44) 7024027877

Here is the copy of the letter




PHONE NUMBER; (+44) 7024010751


JOB REF: KOG 07/01446






(The "Employer")



(The "Employee")

1. For good consideration, the Company employs the Employee on the following terms and conditions.

2. TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Subject to the provisions for termination set forth below this agreement will begin on 11th December 2008, unless sooner terminated.

3. SALARY: The Company shall pay Employee a salary of £21,920 {TWENTY ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED TWENTY POUNDS} every month after tax deduction, for the services of the Employee, payable at regular payroll periods.

3.1 Employer for each intercontinental trip shall pay £5,000.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance to employee. Travel shall be by business class/first class. However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel/entertainment allowance.

3.2 Employer shall also take care of employees' travel ticket including that of employees' family only on employees' early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee.

3.2 Adequate private office space in a conducive and comfortable work environment shall be provided for employee.

3.3 Employee will obtain London Valid papers documents through the service of UK Travel Counsellors Agency on their expenses to show their readiness, preparedness, and willingness and later be reimbursed before embarking to London.

4. DUTIES AND POSITION: The Company hires the Employee in the capacity of

PROJECT ANALYSIS, is reasonably modified at the Company's discretion from time to time.





New employed and recruited for KORA OIL&GAS COMPANY (And not presently possessing a valid Residence, Work Permits, Visa) shall be expected to personally incur all expenses as shall be related to the processing, procurement and acquisition of their necessary permits clearance papers with the UK TRAVEL VISA (UTV) and shall be duly reimbursed and will be substantiated with receipts and the employer will reimburse the employee not later than Five (5) working days after submission of employee’s expense report and receipts.

You shall be required to furnish us with your valid residence, work permits and visa on or before the 23th of DECEMBER, 2008 as a proof of readiness to join the KORA OIL&GAS COMPANY project team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption with the KORA OIL&GAS COMPANY in London and also to enable you receive your first monthly salary including your due entitlements/emoluments prior to your departure for services with the KORA OIL&GAS COMPANY in London.

However, for expatriate services employees who do not presently posses their valid Residence/Work Permits papers and Visa, they are to make contact with the address given below for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their United Kingdom valid residence and work permits papers


UTV Corporatif Building

12 Milton Hills, Water Crescent

BP 78965 London - UK

E-mail: /

Tel: (+44) 702 4070903



6. EMPLOYEE TO DEVOTE FULL TIME TO COMPANY: The Employee will devote full time, attention, and energies to the business of the Company, and, during this employment, will not engage in any other business activity, regardless of whether such activity is pursued for profit, gain, or other pecuniary advantage. Employee is not prohibited from making personal investments in any other businesses provided those investments do not require active involvement in the operation of said companies.

7. CONFIDENTIALITY OF PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Employee agrees, during or after the term of this employment, not to reveal confidential information, or trade secrets to any person, firm, corporation, or entity. Should Employee reveal or threaten to reveal this information, the Company shall be entitled to an injunction restraining the Employee from disclosing same, or from rendering any services to any entity to whom said information has been or is threatened to be disclosed, the right to secure an injunction is not exclusive, and the Company may pursue any other remedies it has against the Employee for a breach or threatened breach of this condition, including the recovery of damages from the Employee.

8. REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES: The Employee will incur reasonable expenses to get his/her visa and work permit. The Company shall reimburse Employee for all business expenses after the Employee presents an itemized account of expenditures, pursuant to Company policy.

9. VACATION: The Employee shall be entitled to a yearly vacation of three month at full pay.

10. DISABILITY: In the event that the Employee cannot perform the duties because of illness or incapacity for a period of more than one month, the compensation during said illness or incapacity will be paid to the employee. The Employee's full compensation will be reinstated upon return to work. However, if the Employee is absent from work for any reason for a continuous period of over two months with any goods reason of been absent, the Company may terminate the Employee's contract employment, and the Company's obligations under this agreement will cease on that date.

11. EMPLOYMENT CLASSIFICATION: You shall be a contract Employee and shall be entitled to benefits as specifically outlined herein

12. BENEFITS: You will also receive standard employee benefits package (including health insurance for you and your family), and will be subject to(KOG) vacation policy as such package and policy are in effect from time to time.


v Quality single or family housing in company community.

v Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.

v Access to some of the finest social and recreational facilities in United Kingdom.

v Free medical care in United Kingdom for you and your family for contract duration.

v Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status contracts.

v Complete meals also for you and your family as deemed Appropriate.

v Life insurance Policy.

v Maximum and efficient security both in work place and housing Community.

12.2 COMPUTER RESOURCES: Laptop Computer, 1.6 GHz Processor, 496 MB RAM, 24XCD-RW, 30GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem, Spare Battery and Necessary Software. Full time Internet access is also made available.

12.3 PHONES: The employer will provide each employee with one (1) landline and one (1) mobile telephone. This shall have a reasonable credit limit application per month.

12.4 LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: Standby new company car will parked in your apartment for movement.

12.5 OFFICE SPACE: Adequate private office space in a conducive and comfortable work environment shall be provided for each employee.

13. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: Employee may terminate employment upon 30 days' written notice to the Company. Employee may be required to perform his or her duties and will be paid the regular salary to date of termination but shall all his/her severance allowance.

14. DEATH BENEFIT: Should Employee die during the term of employment, the Company shall pay to Employee's estate any compensation due through the end of the month in which death occurred.

15. SETTLEMENT BY ARBITRATION: Any claim or controversy that arises out of or relates to this agreement, or the breach of it, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the UK Arbitration Association. Judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court with jurisdiction.

16. LIMITED EFFECT OF WAIVER BY COMPANY: Should Company waive breach of any provision of this agreement by the Employee, that waiver will not operate or be construed as a waiver of further breach by the Employee.

17. SEVERABILITY: If, for any reason, any provision of this agreement is held invalid, all other provisions of this agreement shall remain in effect. If this agreement is held invalid or cannot be enforced, then to the full extent permitted by law any prior agreement between the Company (and any predecessor thereof) and the Employee shall be deemed reinstated as if this agreement had not been executed.

18. ASSUMPTION OF AGREEMENT BY COMPANY'S SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNEES: The Company's rights and obligations under this agreement will inure to the benefit and be binding upon the Company's successors and assignees.

19. CONFIRMED EMPLOYEE: Confirmed employees are those employee’s that have obtained from the WORK/RESIDENT PERMIT PAPERS AND VISA.

20. ORAL MODIFICATIONS NOT BINDING. This instrument is the entire agreement of the Company and the Employee. Oral changes have no effect. It may be altered only by a written agreement signed by the party against whom enforcement of any waiver, change, modification, extension, or discharge is sought.

Signed by the Employee:

………………………… ……………………… Date…/……/……….


Signed for and on behalf of



KORA OIL &GAS COMPANY clip_image005



TELEPHONE: (+44) 7024010751:





TELEPHONE: (+44) 7024027877

Tuesday, December 16

Ah!, my dream world trip

To go around the world checking out these book stores (never you mind the small issue of actual storage at home...) would be an absolutely dream trip.

Especially this one.


There is a bookstore like this near Leicester Square, it is just brilliant, full of nooks and crannies, full of second hand books. Next time I get a chance, will go there and poke around, smell the wonderful smell of books and forget all about time till the chap comes and pokes me to go home.

Ah! so many books and so little time.

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More European hypocrisy & stupidity

I quote from here:

Whilst President Vaclav Klaus was visiting Dublin there was an official dinner where he sat with the Irish Taoiseach, Brian Cowen. No doubt they had much to discuss.

Elsewhere the two first ladies were having a discussion. Mary Molloy, a member of the Lenihan political dynasty, remarked that the Irish had "voted wrongly" when they rejected the Lisbon Treaty. Livia Klausová, a respected economist, responded, "Well, were they wrong when they elected your husband?"

Given that Cowen, like British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was not elected as PM this was, dare I say it, a little tart.

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the European politicians is simply astounding. As it so happens, Gordon Brown lied about the Reform Treaty being put to the British referendum in violation to his manifesto promises, but that twit lies through his incompetent teeth anyway.

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A shoe here, a kick there, welcome to Democracy

Well, the discussion about the shoe throwing at Dubya Bush is all over the news, but here's something else, a man kicked Taiwan's ex-President in the patootie. I quote:

A 65-year-old Taiwanese protester has been jailed for two months after he kicked the country's former president, Chen Shuibian, in the behind.

Su Ansheng, a member of a group promoting unification between Taiwan and China, refused to apologise for the attack and said he wanted to teach Mr Chen, who is on trial for corruption, a "lesson".

Su managed to get close enough to kick Mr Chen at a court hearing in July. He was also given another month in prison for insulting Taiwan's former envoy to Japan.

I wish more politicians were treated like this. Bastards would learn how to behave properly. Specially corrupt ones and incompetent ones.

Not Flash, just Gordon

Here's Gordon Brown saving the world. What a twit.

Monday, December 15

The Mommy Song

I have no words to add to this song. How many of you Gestapo Mom's recognise yourself in this song? :)

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Is this a MILF?


this is a photograph of one of the African countries, you can see a UN Peacekeeping Force Pakistani Soldier in the background, could be Congo. But the juxtaposition of a baby in pink booties, in a baby carrier, on a woman with heavily muscled arms, carrying an automatic rifle and a banana ammo clip is just too amazing. MILF? you better not, mate.

Mind you, the UN should take a leaf out of this, instead of spending money on peacekeepers, give more money to women like this, problems sorted.

Sunday, December 14

How are these genocide supporters allowed in the UK?

This makes me wonder what on earth this government is doing? Ok, so I understand making those heavy sounding statements on Zimbabwe, but how about turfing these bastards out of the UK? How are they enjoying their ill-gotten gains in the UK? under our noses? Cancel their visa's and chuck them out for being supporters of an odious regime? I quote:

One of Robert Mugabe's closest political allies is living in luxury in London while being allowed to fly to and from Zimbabwe, despite her close links to the dictator's feared Zanu-PF part

When confronted by The Observer, Chitauro said she was a 'private citizen at the moment' and declined to comment further. Asked whether she now denounced the Mugabe regime, she replied: 'No, I'm not going to say that.'

She said that she was in Britain as 'a way of right', having 'contributed to the UK for a long time'. She also confirmed: 'I'm here, but sometimes I go back to Zimbabwe.'

Excuse me? contributed to the UK in which way? By associating with genocide, you twit?

Jerry Springer - when philosopher's fight

this made me cry tears. So amusing indeed. Imagine philosophers duking it out on Jerry Springer! I quote:


Jerry: (reading from card) So, Todd, you’re here to tell your girlfriend something. What is it?

Todd: Well, Jerry, my girlfriend Ursula and I have been going out for three years now. We did everything together. We were really inseparable. But then she discovered post-Marxist political and literary theory, and it’s been nothing but fighting ever since.

Jerry: Why is that?

Todd: You see, Jerry, I’m a traditional Cartesian rationalist. I believe that the individual self, the “I” or ego is the foundation of all metaphysics. She, on the other hand, believes that the contemporary self is a socially constructed, multi-faceted subjectivity reflecting the political and economic realities of late capitalist consumerist discourse.

Go read the full thing, its violently funny.

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The Germans actually love the English

This came as a surprise to me! Anglomania? You have got to be kidding me. Havent you heard that German ministers think Gordon Brown is a twit and an idiot? Well, the fact that I also think that Gordon Brown is a twit and an idiot and a follower of the Robert Mugabe School of Economics is besides the point. But read this.

Anglo-German relations are in rude health. In fact, it would be fair to say they have never been better. The Germans are a nation of hopeless anglophiles.

Say what? What about the differences?

There are, of course, some fundamental differences. The Germans are a frugal bunch and have always been critical of the excesses of Anglo-Saxon capitalism. Unlike the British, they are also slow to adapt to social change; trade unions remain a powerful force, partly because the reforms would never win popular support in Germany. But Britain's ability to embrace change, its unusual political stability and lower-case liberalism remains at the heart of the German fascination.

But but what about the war? How about Gordon Brown?

But the war is no longer the great Anglo-German stumbling block that it once was. The Germans have taken to the Brits like no other nation and they claim British cultures and traditions as they please. Rule Britannia, please, we're German – but not you, Gordon.

End of story, the world has switched axis's. Lordy, what's next? The french become anglophiles as well? :P

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