Tuesday, December 16

A shoe here, a kick there, welcome to Democracy

Well, the discussion about the shoe throwing at Dubya Bush is all over the news, but here's something else, a man kicked Taiwan's ex-President in the patootie. I quote:

A 65-year-old Taiwanese protester has been jailed for two months after he kicked the country's former president, Chen Shuibian, in the behind.

Su Ansheng, a member of a group promoting unification between Taiwan and China, refused to apologise for the attack and said he wanted to teach Mr Chen, who is on trial for corruption, a "lesson".

Su managed to get close enough to kick Mr Chen at a court hearing in July. He was also given another month in prison for insulting Taiwan's former envoy to Japan.

I wish more politicians were treated like this. Bastards would learn how to behave properly. Specially corrupt ones and incompetent ones.

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