Sunday, December 14

How are these genocide supporters allowed in the UK?

This makes me wonder what on earth this government is doing? Ok, so I understand making those heavy sounding statements on Zimbabwe, but how about turfing these bastards out of the UK? How are they enjoying their ill-gotten gains in the UK? under our noses? Cancel their visa's and chuck them out for being supporters of an odious regime? I quote:

One of Robert Mugabe's closest political allies is living in luxury in London while being allowed to fly to and from Zimbabwe, despite her close links to the dictator's feared Zanu-PF part

When confronted by The Observer, Chitauro said she was a 'private citizen at the moment' and declined to comment further. Asked whether she now denounced the Mugabe regime, she replied: 'No, I'm not going to say that.'

She said that she was in Britain as 'a way of right', having 'contributed to the UK for a long time'. She also confirmed: 'I'm here, but sometimes I go back to Zimbabwe.'

Excuse me? contributed to the UK in which way? By associating with genocide, you twit?

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