Sunday, December 14

The Germans actually love the English

This came as a surprise to me! Anglomania? You have got to be kidding me. Havent you heard that German ministers think Gordon Brown is a twit and an idiot? Well, the fact that I also think that Gordon Brown is a twit and an idiot and a follower of the Robert Mugabe School of Economics is besides the point. But read this.

Anglo-German relations are in rude health. In fact, it would be fair to say they have never been better. The Germans are a nation of hopeless anglophiles.

Say what? What about the differences?

There are, of course, some fundamental differences. The Germans are a frugal bunch and have always been critical of the excesses of Anglo-Saxon capitalism. Unlike the British, they are also slow to adapt to social change; trade unions remain a powerful force, partly because the reforms would never win popular support in Germany. But Britain's ability to embrace change, its unusual political stability and lower-case liberalism remains at the heart of the German fascination.

But but what about the war? How about Gordon Brown?

But the war is no longer the great Anglo-German stumbling block that it once was. The Germans have taken to the Brits like no other nation and they claim British cultures and traditions as they please. Rule Britannia, please, we're German – but not you, Gordon.

End of story, the world has switched axis's. Lordy, what's next? The french become anglophiles as well? :P

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