Saturday, July 24

Further developments on Karn

I wrote before on what my son Karn is doing in terms of his economic and financial education. While talking to a friend of mine over email, I was telling him what Karn was up to now and thought of sharing that.


That little shit came to me to do a deal 2 days back. Said that if he manages to ace his triple science gcse paper by getting a grade 8 which apparently nobody in his school has got, he wants a debit card. I was puzzled, why is he asking this? Surely things like a party, or a new pc or games?
No, he figured out that physical cash is stupid, if you spend via a debut card and carry no or very minimal cash, you get more interest on your savings. Not much but every little helps!

And he has discovered girls. Sighs. Or they have discovered him. Damn mobile is like a constant chiming pain in the backside.

And thanks to Madhu's and others advice, he is building a website with dreamweaver, plans to set it up on a free advertising based webhost and put in free games and stuff for others to play. His idea? Baba, this is as close I can get to a perpetual money machine. Free hosting and ad kick backs and I don't have to do much other than add a free game every week. He plans to earn $200 per year or so. Plus he needs the debit card to sign up to the payment system.

And he has found PENNY STOCKS!!!! Bloody hell. Created a monster.

Sunday, July 18

Progress this week

Well, Its been a very busy week at work, but at the same time, there was quite a lot of movement on the charity side. Here are the few updates:

  1. We had a good initial meeting with my friend Christian who is now going to be the Director of MBA at Essex Business School and another colleague from the bank. We discussed various ways that we can link up with the educational opportunities in terms of course ratification, courses in risk and insurance, providing more training for our chaps, etc. These things take time, lets see how far this goes. We might end up going up to Essex, doing couple of lectures and then discussing this further.
  2. Last week I mentioned about meeting up with a person from Manchester Business School. Couple of more people from MBS got in touch with me, I am quite excited to see what we can do with them but the timing sucks at the moment. Will need to pick this up in September, frantically busy at the moment with the august 2nd week workshop and then Baba/Ma arriving and and and. Also filled out a rather long and a bit clunky questionnaire from the President, University of Manchester. Seriously, guys, get some professional help on that.
  3. IT4CH: Well, we now have this charity officially recognised as the charity for IT for the bank :), quite chuffed about this as well. This means that the supply of systems is now on a sustainable basis.
  4. 200 laptops for schools. We got to meet another school and we will be donating 200 laptops to this school most probably on an annual basis going forward. Lets see how this works out.
  5. 100Books. Got an email from Praveen Swami, the main karta dhartha for this charity in India which aims to provide 100 books to each government school. He is looking for volunteers in Delhi who can help out. So if you are based in Delhi and can help out, please do join the facebook page and offer help.
  6. Finally, got in touch with this wonderful lady, Lyndsey Buchanan, via my friend, Annie Tennant (who is a total charity fiend in her own right). She is running a marathon to raise funds for the Bhopal Medical Appeal. Will hopefully meet her at Annie’s wedding and see what else can I do to help.
  7. Oh! by the way, completely forgot, have joined up in a mentoring effort at the firm, hope to meet my first mentee in the next few weeks, lets see what comes up..