Saturday, December 5

What pollution does.

Here are some photographs of pollution in China. In a spectacular fashion, the authorities have installed sheep statues. In place of real ones. Which used to roam where grass used to grow. No longer as the soil is now poisoned so much that not even grass, one of the most hardy of plants, can grow. 

And then the last one was of an old man. Burying an abandoned baby. Who was abandoned because she had an illness too expensive for her parents to cope with. Such is life. 

The death of innocents and soldiers

I don't think I need to say much do I? Kids playing on the beach. Killed by Israeli missiles. What a bloody situation. 

More photographs of the recent Gazan war. 

And then this was an amazing photograph. Women. Peering over the stairwell. For the funeral of a Hamas soldier.  

Sunday, November 29

When death came at breakfast

At the world press photo 2015 awards, I saw this photo. It's a photo of a house in Ukraine. In the rebel held territory. When the household was waking up and making breakfast and having tea from their samovars in glass mugs. There were some apples in a bowl. Cloudy morning which filtered through the net curtains. When the 155mm shells came screaming in over the horizon and slammed into the ground and blocks of flats. The window was blown in, and shrapnel ricocheted across the kitchen table. Bloodying the curtains. Covering the table with dust. Breaking the glass mugs.