Thursday, August 21

Nuclear Hypocrisy

I read this op-ed by EDWARD J. MARKEY and ELLEN O. TAUSCHER here. Frankly, people like Markey and Tauscher are considered to be idiots and even worse: hypocritical ignoramuses. So India has to sign the CTBT and halt production of nuclear materials, eh?

So, you blithering idiots, what stopped you from doing so yourself? So you do not want to sign the CTBT but you want others to sign it? You know what I call people who say that kind of stuff? I call them morons and idiots.

And just how has the NPT stopped nuclear weapons development in Iran, north Korea, Pakistan, Israel, India and South Africa?

And these self righteous ignorant morons had the temerity to write an op ed in the New York Times??? Well, I suppose its good in a way, now people can see them for what they are, typical political idiots. Thank god nobody will listen to them. Here, read what I think about the NPT.

Best universities for sex and alcohol

Check this table out. Lets see where I stack up w.r.t. the UK universities.


Studied in Manchester and KCL, first is ok, and the second is not even mentioned. What a bummer!

Polish immigrants' guide to fleecing 'soft' Britain

And then you wonder why the Brit's hate immigrants?

It shows how to avoid electricity bills and tax, rent flats for free and con insurance companies.

The scams, published in Polish magazine Przeglad, are revealed by Polish workers already living in Britain.

One man, quoted as a Polish criminal expert, said that cheating the system had became a way of life under decades of Communist rule.

A worker called Tomek suggested opening electricity and gas accounts with bogus personal details. He said: "How can I pay bills that aren't addressed to me? The accounting system in England is based on trust, that's why you can phone and give them data plucked out of thin air."

Another man recommends renting a house in a made-up name, then immediately stopping rent payments because tenancy laws mean it will be months before they are evicted. In the meantime the property is sublet to dozens of others.

Expensive mobile phones are insured and then reported "stolen". Once the insurers pay out, the cheats pocket the cash and sell the "stolen" phone back home in Poland for a £100 profit.

Another man tells how he never pays for a television licence, electricity or gas bills - but boasts that he has never been cut off.

Tuesday, August 19

We earned Gold in Olympics and corruption

This government is quite interesting. On one hand, it is taking credit for our sporting glory in the Olympics. But on the other hand, it is actually corrupt and venal. Why? because it tolerates corruption.

While we are just third on the Olympics Medal table, we are heading the list of countries who tolerate corruption. So, Mr. Gordon Brown, you love thieves, robbers and corruption, eh? Actually, that can, in many ways, tell me much about you and your character. Not to mention your colleagues and your party's character for letting this corruption spawn.

You have let the UK get to a situation that we will be named and shamed, even suspended from OECD anti-bribery group. Here, read this and weep. YOU are to blame and you are yourself corrupt. J' Accuse.

I quote:

Leading industrialised nations have fired a stinging broadside at Britain over its failure to tackle corporate bribery overseas, at a time when other countries are pursuing big-name multinationals.The message suggests London can expect a tough time at the next meeting of the OECD anti-bribery group in October, where members could take the embarrassing and unprecedented step of pushing for Britain to be suspended.

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Monday, August 18

The men who did this need to be publicly castrated and then left to die in the dusty street

Read this and then tell me why the men should not be publicly castrated and left to die, bleeding and crying, in the dusty street while people spit on them.

The bravery of these women is inversely proportional to those bastard men. May you whimper in pain all your life, you disgusting excuses of human beings, no punishment is less for you, but not death, you deserve to repent for your life in the utmost pain and torture. Publicly, so that the other bastards know what you have done and recoil in sheer horror at what you have done.