Tuesday, August 19

We earned Gold in Olympics and corruption

This government is quite interesting. On one hand, it is taking credit for our sporting glory in the Olympics. But on the other hand, it is actually corrupt and venal. Why? because it tolerates corruption.

While we are just third on the Olympics Medal table, we are heading the list of countries who tolerate corruption. So, Mr. Gordon Brown, you love thieves, robbers and corruption, eh? Actually, that can, in many ways, tell me much about you and your character. Not to mention your colleagues and your party's character for letting this corruption spawn.

You have let the UK get to a situation that we will be named and shamed, even suspended from OECD anti-bribery group. Here, read this and weep. YOU are to blame and you are yourself corrupt. J' Accuse.

I quote:

Leading industrialised nations have fired a stinging broadside at Britain over its failure to tackle corporate bribery overseas, at a time when other countries are pursuing big-name multinationals.The message suggests London can expect a tough time at the next meeting of the OECD anti-bribery group in October, where members could take the embarrassing and unprecedented step of pushing for Britain to be suspended.

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