Saturday, January 3

There is no terrorist infrastructure in our country


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Ministers cannot be trusted with the truth

Now this is seriously humiliating for the current government ministers (and perhaps most of the political class in the UK). The fact that the British populace does not trust the political class is not surprising, but the fact that for the past 10 odd years, the Labour government, with its spin and lying, has really brought the state of economics to this end. I quote:

The head of Britain's statistics watchdog has called for ministers to be stripped of their right to see sensitive official data before it is published. Sir Michael Scholar, the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, accused ministers of using their advance sight of official figures for political gain and warned that it was eroding public trust in official statistics.

Now why would you do that, you ignorant, moronic, control freak, lying ministers? Dont you realise the damage you are doing by trying to spin everything? What is your problem? We elected you to govern well, just when did you get the idea that you were elected to lie to us and spin the numbers to us? What gives you the idea that you are elected to do so?

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Friday, January 2

The West WILL lose in Afghanistan because of corruption

There are quite a lot of military ways and reasons that it will be difficult to win in Afghanistan, ranging from lack of helicopters to lack of security and and and. But on thing which will make it impossible to do anything in Afghanistan, to make it into a normal country, will be corruption. That is why countries fail and Afghanistan, based upon this story, will again go back to the medieval hell-hole that it was before. Corruption decays governments and civil institutions, there is no trust and it creates havoc within all efforts to make sense out of the country reconstruction mechanisms. I quote some bits:

When it comes to governing this violent, fractious land, everything, it seems, has its price. Want to be a provincial police chief? It will cost you $100,000. Want to drive a convoy of trucks loaded with fuel across the country? Be prepared to pay $6,000 per truck, so the police will not tip off the Taliban. Need to settle a lawsuit over the ownership of your house? About $25,000, depending on the judge.

As with fish, the rot starts at the top. President Karzai is to blame. And actually, the blaming starts with the American and British advisors who are actually propping this corrupt regime up. But then, nobody ever said that the American President and British Prime Minister were smart, both of them are drooling morons. So what do they do to help Afghanistan be good? They put in troops, rather than kick out the corrupt bastards who are sucking the Afghans and my taxpayer dollars.

Many Afghans, including Mr. Ghani, the former finance minister, place responsibility for the collapse of the state on Mr. Karzai, who, they say, has failed repeatedly to confront the powerful figures who are behind much of the corruption. In his stint as finance minister, Mr. Ghani said, two moments crystallized his disgust and finally prompted him to quit.

The first, Mr. Ghani said, was his attempt to impose order on Kabul’s chaotic system of private property rights. The Afghan government had accumulated vast amounts of land during the period of Communist rule in the 1970s and 1980s. And since 2001, the government has given much of it away — often, Mr. Ghani said, to shady developers at extremely low prices.

The fact that the Afghans are ungovernable and many time medieval is not in doubt, but how does that excuse Bush and Brown from being so stupid in propping up a corrupt government with the lives of our countrymen? The blame falls on these 2 venal cowardly leaders. Will the new leaders of our country do something about it?

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Poor teachers fuelling 'loathing of books'

Just read some excerpts from this story.

Susan Hill, who wrote The Woman in Black, Strange Meeting and I'm the King of the Castle, told how she has been flooded with "desperate" emails from pupils struggling to understand her novels. Miss Hill said that the demands of mixed ability teaching meant pupils at the "bottom of the heap" failed to understand books while the very brightest were no longer pushed.

She said "rudeness and even abuse" were common among emails. Many failed to reread or check spelling before sending messages, teenagers often used informal phrasing and many addressed her as "Sue". "I don't require deference, just friendly politeness. But it is not their fault," she said. "They have not been taught. Manners are not automatic, like breathing. Nor is grammar. I suppose I could correct the spelling and grammar errors, but if I did so, replying to their desperate emails would take me twice as long."

Miss Hill said students wrote asking her to complete coursework and provide information in bullet-point form that teenagers could "cut and paste" into essays. She told how she refused to write an essay for one pupil, only to be met with the reply: "Why not?" Another wrote saying: "But you've got to know the answer, you wrote the ----ing book didn't you?"

"It has become distressingly clear to me that too many school pupils are taught badly, lazily, unintelligently and cursorily," she said.

"They are not taught how to read and understand novels or to write essays and coursework and answer questions about them. Judging by the evidence of their emails, many should not be studying English literature at all, but with guidance, understanding and above all enthusiastic teaching they could certainly be helped to get more out of books - any books - than they are."

Now, let me relate a story about my own son. He hates English literature. On being asked why? He simply always points to rotten teachers who do not speak to him with good intentions or even with skill. What do kids of his age like? They like fantasy, computer games, PE, football and the like. So the books they would like to read would relate to science fiction, adventure and the classics as well. But when their responses are like the following:

"Hi Sue, I'm doing your book, we have to read it and just wanna say it's the most boring crap book I ever read, so thanks a lot for ruining my life. Cheers."

"Hi Susan, we're doing your book, I've gotta do coursework only I don't understand about context, what is it, and I don't no any other gothic writers and we've got to compare you, what's gothic anyway. Pleeeeze reply asap."

"Hi. I've got this essay to do for tomoz, it's about I'm the king of the castle and does the setting play an important part in the story. Can you reply tonight and do it in bullet points so I can copy and paste it straight in. thanks you're a star in advance, cheers..."

"Hi, we have to do this essay on context with your book, and cultural context so what are those please, please explain carefully, I don't get it."

When the student has not learnt, the teacher has not taught. And no, you cannot blame the parents in this case, we make sure that he reads and loves reading. Will teachers get the passion to teach? To Sir with Love? Or will political correctness destroy the lower ability kids and kill with boredom the kids with higher abilities? Yes it will, lord help this education system...No wonder the teaching unions do not want to be paid by performance, who would wish that, eh? after all, the other way is better, no?

Think about it, Goldman Sachs, a premier Investment Bank, fires 10% of its people for underperformance every year. Without fail. So lets say that we do ascribe the crime of under expectations to the teaching profession (which is shameful anyway, the teaching profession should be highest) and say 1/10 of the standards is something to ascribe to. Does the education system in the country remove 1% of its teachers for underperformance every year? Or even 0.1%? no, lets ask the teaching unions and the ministers for schools (those idiots). And they have no answer and I refuse to believe that every teacher is so amazing that there is no failures/underperformance.

Look at the annual report, objective 3, Achieve world class standards in education

  • In September 2007 a new programme, Every Child a Writer, was launched which will provide intensive support for writing in primary schools. The Department is working with a group of local authorities to develop pilots, beginning in September 2008, that will include one-to-one coaching
  • Commissioned Sir Jim Rose to conduct a root and branch review of the primary curriculum. He will issue an interim report in October 2008 and is due to report his final recommendations by the end of March 2009.
    Publication of the revised secondary curriculum in July 2007.
  • Announced the expansion of the Young, Gifted and Talented programme, run by the CfBT Education Trust; and appointed a new champion for the Young, Gifted and Talented programme, John Stannard.
  • Announced a new strategy to educate the next generation of scientists and mathematicians which includes resources for teacher recruitment and retention, continuing professional development and science and engineering clubs.
  • Continued to provide support for the on-going development of extended schools so that they enable access to services for pupils, families and the local community including childcare, parenting and family support.
  • Launched new guidelines to ensure effective and early action is taken to improve weak and failing schools in May 2007

Is there anything that says here which gives you confidence that underperforming teachers will be addressed? No. All this pap means that it will simply be swept under the carpet and authors/parents will be sighing and moaning that their kids are not learning about reading literature.

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Married couples 'punished by tax system'

This is again so sad. Survey and study after study has shown that married households with kids provide the best form of family unit for society. Ok, lets say that you leave them alone, but only a drooling, power mad, stupid, ignorant moron will actively go and penalise hard working families for being married and living together. But then, we are talking about Gordon Brown, who is a liar and complete incompetent stupid bugger of the first order. I quote:

Despite Gordon Brown's pledge to support "hard working families", those who marry or set up home together and establish a stable family are up to 20 per cent poorer, the Civitas study shows.

They will also reignite political debate over whether married couples should receive tax breaks, a policy abolished by Mr Brown in 1999 and likely to be a key battleground in the next general election. The report also found that so-called "pushy, middle-class parents" who provide a supportive home and try to find the best education for their children improved schools and communities.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "The current benefits system has huge inbuilt biases against socially responsible behaviour and the tax system punishes families who try to do the right thing. The report, Individualists Who Co-Operate, said the system "penalises" couples who live together, adding to accusations that Labour's taxes and handouts are encouraging the death of traditional family structures.

It found, in one case, that where a lone mother earned £10,000 a year, and her partner earned £25,000, they were £5,473 worse off if they decided to live together. If the lone mother did not work, they were £4,522 worse off for cohabiting. The report echoed claims that Government policies have led to the "perpetuation of single-parent families", adding: "Potential partners on low incomes (precisely those who can only make ends meet by combining their efforts) are discouraged from partnering (or re-partnering)."

The report found that marriage combined with full-time work was the best way out of poverty for couples with children. Research last year, from the Millennium Cohort Study, found that married parents are more than twice as likely to stay together as those who are unwed.

As Chancellor, Gordon Brown abolished married couples' allowance in 1999 and introduced tax credits that reward single mothers over couples. In his first Labour Party conference speech as Prime Minister, in 2007, Mr Brown said: "I reach out to all those who work hard and play by the rules, who believe in strong families and a patriotic Britain, who may have supported other parties but who, like me, want to defend and advance British values and our way of life.''

In his New Year address yesterday he insisted that his "guiding principle" was the wellbeing of British families and businesses, adding: "What keeps me up at night, and gets me up in the morning, are the hopes and aspirations of the British people."

Dont you feel bilious about how Gordon Brown actively lies, ducks and dives to cover up his economic incompetence? What a moron.

Dont fight for wages on the basis of religion

Ok, read this. I quote:

Delaying the payment of foreign workers is totally against Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Give the worker his wage before his sweat dries.” This came as an order for people to pay their workers their financial rights as soon as they are due. Timely payment of labourers is a legal duty across the world.

You know why I am upset with this? Because appealing to religion does not work at all, or works very badly. Why on earth would you stop paying salaries and then try to convince people that religion is a reason for keeping on paying salaries? Surely, it should be enough that you are a good person and simply being good is enough? Here, read what Robert Fisk says about religion and people doing basic good things.

There has developed in Egypt a kind of religious facade in which the meaning of Islam has become effaced by its physical representation. Egyptian civil "servants" and government officials are often scrupulous in their religious observances – yet they tolerate and connive in rigged elections, violations of the law and prison torture. A young American doctor described to me recently how in a Cairo hospital busy doctors merely blocked doors with plastic chairs to prevent access to patients. In November, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm reported how doctors abandoned their patients to attend prayers during Ramadan.

Its just not in Egypt but across the world. Being personally pious and not doing their jobs drags the good name of the Prophet and the religion through the mud. So both commentators as well as individuals, stop being morons and worse, hypocrites. You have a job to do, do it well. Pay salaries to people who cannot live without their salaries. Going to pray to God while letting your patients die? What kind of Islam are you following or more importantly, it has nothing to do with Islam but all to do with the venal behaviour of these stupid morons. Telling them that it is against Islam would not help it, they will be pious as hell and not do what they should. And religion gets the blame. What you need is a big stick to beat the shit out of these hypocrites.

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Malmo Riots

Malmo is not part of the "good" areas of Sweden, it creeped me out when I went there, almost like Johannesburg city centre back in the late 1990's. A very high immigrant populace, illiteracy, refugees, drug dealing, you name it, it was a hell hole. And looks like they still have it. BBC reported it thusly.


"We've had a very difficult evening," a police spokeswoman told the AFP news agency late on Thursday. "There have been fires burning since this afternoon... extensive damage to public property, and... stone-throwing and bomb threats against police."

She said the trouble was linked to the closure of an Islamic centre. The owner of the building, in an immigrant neighbourhood, had decided not to renew the centre's lease. The centre, which included a mosque, had to move out. But some youths squatted in the premises, until they were evicted by police earlier this week. Once police left the premises, the youths returned, setting fires in the area. They then clashed with police.

"The origin of the riots is the occupation of the building. But that's not really the reason now, now other troublemakers have just joined in, taking advantage of the situation," police spokeswoman Ewa-Gun Westford told AFP.

So what do normal people think about this situation? Here's a Swedish discussion board on this issue with 145 comments. Quite instructive to read them all. And here are some YouTube videos. All is not well in Sweden. And after remembering the Bradford riots, this is worrisome.

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Wednesday, December 31

Why would you mistreat a donkey?

Poor chaps are so nice and cute and cuddly? Look what they are doing in Ethiopia.

"Owners were once oblivious to their animals’ welfare – they realised that their animals would go faster if their wounds were hit," The Brooke vetinerary assistant Belay said.


Donkey's most common suffering is stress and they dont like to be separated from their friends. Here's a nice little charity for them in case you are interested.

Look at the cute face, how can you not like them?

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Tuesday, December 30

Chinese internet vigilantes bring down another official

Now this is excellent news, that a bunch of internet users in China have managed to bring down corrupt crooks in power. Now why cant we do the same in other countries such as India? I am sure this can be pushed forward much more, but it will take much more efforts. Still, good stuff, very good, we need more of this. Bloody corrupt blood suckers. May you rot in prison!

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Dalits enter temple

Now this is again very good news that these Hindu's have been allowed into the temples despite some of the anal stupid moronic Hindu practices relating to Caste. I quote:

MADURAI: After a decade-long struggle, Dalits at Panthapuli village in Tirunelveli district entered the Kannanallur Mariamman temple with help of district officials defying a ban imposed by caste Hindus.
Dalits, led by district collector G.Prakash and Superintendent of Police Asra Garg, entered the temple at Panthapuli near Sankarankovil on Wednesday.
Though the caste Hindus resented the entry, they did not, however, make any effort to resist the move, apparently due to a stern warning issued by Prakash.
The collector has initiated speedy steps to take over the temple by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Board. In order to prevent untoward incidents, cops had been deployed in adequate numbers in sensitive areas.
The temple, which was closed for nearly 10 years due to a conflict between Dalits and upper castes, has been opened and poojas will be performed on a regular basis by all, officials said.
A section of the caste Hindu families resisted the entry of Dalits in the past even though the local munsiff court permitted them to enter the temple. Due to tension, both Dalits and caste Hindus left their homes in the village and settled in nearby hills. The issue gained prominence after the CPI-M state unit recently threatened to take dalits inside the temple. On December17, 200 CPI-M volunteers courted arrested, trying to enter the temple.

Good stuff. Only these kinds of actions will get India rid of these horrible practices. And for those who think that this cannot be done, witness the progress, one temple at a time. As I mentioned, Sati has been banned for decades and centuries now but it still happens. It will take time. Also see the apology.

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A bizarre Swedish decision

This is a rum situation. So a migration board employee maintains a pro-Israel blog in his SPARE time. He then goes on sabbatical and when he comes back, he finds himself to be demoted. So he sues. The district court orders the Migration Board to reinstate him. The Migration Board flouts this order and instead of reinstating him, offers him money. Mind you, Sweden has notified Hamas as a terrorist organisation. So we have 3 arms of the Swedish Government operating in rather different perspectives. Freedom of Speech? god no, lets just ignore all that. Very bizarre.

I have to do this far too frequently at work

This is, what is technically called as, polishing the turd!



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Now this is an evocative painting

No words needed.



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Monday, December 29

Jews versus Muslims

You know what I think about the comparison of Jews versus Muslims. Here's another example of the sheer stupidity that is shown in this fight. There is a fight in Gaza and people want to bring the fight on the shores of England. So this chap wants Muslims in London to go after Jews. And to go after people like this:

Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag 91 (New)

The long-serving minister of Manchester's Whitefield Synagogue was cited by the judges for his wider communal role, particularly in the creation of innovative employment projects for Charedim — for example, vocational courses in subjects such as accountancy. Another goal has been working towards an infrastructure for Jewish learning to be available for all ages and abilities. He founded and has maintained an interlinking roster of educational organisations through the Whitefield shul “campus”.

Miriam Benchetrit 92 (New)

A rising name as head of the Rothschild Foundation (Europe), established in 2000 as the Hanadiv Charitable Foundation. The foundation supports the development of Jewish culture and identity, the preservation of Jewish sites and documents, and charities working to advance equality and civil rights. She has professionalised its operations by creating projects, particularly in Eastern Europe. Holder of a BA and MSc in Middle Eastern politics and political theory, she has worked for the Minerva Centre for Human Rights at the Hebrew University and Shatil, the New Israel Fund’s centre promoting democracy, tolerance and social justice.

Sami Shamoon 93 (New)

Businessman and big cheese in Sephardi circles in the UK and abroad. Born into a wealthy Iraqi family, he moved to Iran in the late 1940s and spent time in Israel. He and his wife came to England after the Iranian revolution. The Naima JPS Primary School in Maida Vale, West London, is among his British involvements.

Paul Anticoni 94 (New)

Chief executive of World Jewish Relief, which has forged a reputation for its global welfare work for needy Jews, particularly in Eastern Europe. He has brought wide-ranging experience to the role, having managed Red Cross global disaster response operations in Africa, South-East Asia and Kosovo.

Charles Keidan 95 (New)

Director of the Pears Foundation and instrumental in advancing its agenda, which places strong emphasis on a combination of Jewish values, social action and human rights. The 31-year-old was political adviser to colourful Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik before briefly working for the Pears family property business. He was the first employee of the Pears Foundation.

David Hirsh 96 (New)

A sociology lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London, David Hirsh established the Engage website to counter left-wing and trades-union anti-Zionism and antisemitism. He was also to the fore in the campaign to reverse the academic boycott of Israeli universities.

David Kyte 97 (New)

The 47-year-old North Londoner is the co-founder of London Maccabi, the UK’s largest Jewish football club, which runs seven men’s teams and 27 junior sides (aged seven-18) . He is also a trustee of Rowley Lane Maccabi, which owns a 47-acre sporting facility in Arkley, Herts. Traded on the LIFFE market from its inception in 1982 and set up The Kyte Group in 1985.

Ella Marks 98 (New)

President of the League of Jewish Women, one of the community's unsung voluntary-service groups. Introduced to volunteering as a child, accompanying her mother on visits to the elderly in residential homes, she was attracted to the League because it works both within and outside the Jewish community. Trained as a social worker, Mrs Marks went on to lecture in social work and was an Open University tutor for many years.

Mike Freer 99 (New)

The non-Jewish Barnet Council leader and Tory Parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green has worked to build links with the Jewish community, highlighting on his personal profile his membership of Conservative Friends of Israel and involvement in the Barnet Multi-faith Forum.

Linda Grant 100 (New)

Since her first novel, The Cast Iron Shore, in 1996, Linda Grant, 57, has won six major literary awards and been shortlisted for two more. The child of Russian and Polish immigrants has written regularly on Jewish themes. Her latest work, The Clothes On Their Backs, tackles issues including the Holocaust, racism and the dilemma facing Jewish refugees to Britain — maintain a low profile, or seize on opportunities.

Very good news. And to think that this was posted by a gentleman called as saladin1970.5, Veteran Campaigner. The chap obviously does not know about Saladin and how the original fellow behaved and dealt with Jews, but then the chap's ignorance is clear in terms of his appeal. What a silly chap. Then again, if Saddam Hussein can call himself as Saladin, I suppose this brain dead veteran moron ignoramus can do so as well. This chap also posted this post before. Mr. Saladin, you are playing with dangerous things here. But the discussion is saddening.

I sincerely hope the Muslims do not take up this call because this will have 2 issues. (1) it will fan the flames of British originated Terrorism and (2) it will fan the flames of Islamophobia. Please, if Israel and Palestine cannot behave in a civilised manner, lets try to be civilised here in the UK. This will cause issues with the Muslims here and will not help at all.

UK Universities to charge freely

I know charging tuition fees is a sensitive subject in this country, but I firmly believe that tertiary education is a benefit and a duty rather than a country's responsibility. The benefits that you accrue from a university education is personal and over the lifetime, I see no reason why you should rely on the taxpayer to fund your education. Secondly, price is one of the main indicators of excellence, pay more and get more. At this moment, all degree courses are priced together at roughly the same and therefore there is no price signals. It should allow universities to differentiate their offerings. Finally, full and differential fees are already charged by universities to overseas (non EU) students, so why not the domestic and EU students? Lets get good quality education rather than a whole load of pap in there. Here's a good story on this issue.

The objections by the NUS are also not fully stackable either. Higher fees allow for higher bursaries and scholarships. You got to university because you are smart and intelligent, not because you just want to get a degree. And if people see value in it, then they will either fund it or pay for it. Nothing stopping you from taking on debt to fund your own studies, no? So this idea that tertiary education is a right has to be disabused. If you dont believe this, go see what happens in India and China.

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India should not attack Pakistan

I am simply amazed, just how many armies does Pakistan have? It seems to be infested with various armies. Just reading this editorial points to three armies. Then there are the feudal armies in Punjab and Sindh, not to mention the armies of Baluchistan and the other jihadi groups in Kashmir and elsewhere. India shouldnt attack Pakistan at all, everybody seems to be lining up to fight India. These various army chaps seem to be doing a good job in managing their internal affairs pretty nicely. What a well defended country with so many armies.

On a slightly more amusing note, check out what the recent posters on the mosques in Swat are saying:

“The people of Swat Valley are fed up with the military operation and atrocities being committed by the militants. The people of Swat have shed their share of blood and the drama should now be transferred to some other part of the country,”

Now that's an idea, why dont we have a lottery system? with each tehsil or district with a number being put into a pot, and then every Friday, a number will be taken and the Army and the Taliban will shift over the weekend to that part. Then battle will commence, suicide bombings will happen, schools will be burnt down, school girls will be bathed in acid, spies will be beheaded, rocket gunships will be used. Then again on Friday, on national TV, another draw will take place and thus life will go on...The public seem to like the idea...

Apparently, the shopkeepers and the general public have appreciated the idea and unilaterally decided to close their businesses for an indefinite period from Monday.

Mind you, there is hope...

On the other hand, a meeting of the Qaumi Amn Jirga was held at a mosque in Charbagh Tehsil. The Jirga decided to set up two committees to negotiate peace with both the security forces and the militants in Swat.

Cant wait to hear how that works out...

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I am going to get a dog now...


specially the last doggie. She reminds me of my first pet, Candy, she looked exactly the same.

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Israel bombs Islamic university in Gaza - SHAME!

Outrageous. Why on earth is Israel bombing the university, you bloody morons? What's the difference between you and those Taliban now, and dont give me any guff about the university being used by terrorists. It is a temple of learning. Just because you dont like what is being taught in there does not mean you bomb it. What idiots. Criminal.