Monday, December 29

UK Universities to charge freely

I know charging tuition fees is a sensitive subject in this country, but I firmly believe that tertiary education is a benefit and a duty rather than a country's responsibility. The benefits that you accrue from a university education is personal and over the lifetime, I see no reason why you should rely on the taxpayer to fund your education. Secondly, price is one of the main indicators of excellence, pay more and get more. At this moment, all degree courses are priced together at roughly the same and therefore there is no price signals. It should allow universities to differentiate their offerings. Finally, full and differential fees are already charged by universities to overseas (non EU) students, so why not the domestic and EU students? Lets get good quality education rather than a whole load of pap in there. Here's a good story on this issue.

The objections by the NUS are also not fully stackable either. Higher fees allow for higher bursaries and scholarships. You got to university because you are smart and intelligent, not because you just want to get a degree. And if people see value in it, then they will either fund it or pay for it. Nothing stopping you from taking on debt to fund your own studies, no? So this idea that tertiary education is a right has to be disabused. If you dont believe this, go see what happens in India and China.

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