Monday, December 29

India should not attack Pakistan

I am simply amazed, just how many armies does Pakistan have? It seems to be infested with various armies. Just reading this editorial points to three armies. Then there are the feudal armies in Punjab and Sindh, not to mention the armies of Baluchistan and the other jihadi groups in Kashmir and elsewhere. India shouldnt attack Pakistan at all, everybody seems to be lining up to fight India. These various army chaps seem to be doing a good job in managing their internal affairs pretty nicely. What a well defended country with so many armies.

On a slightly more amusing note, check out what the recent posters on the mosques in Swat are saying:

“The people of Swat Valley are fed up with the military operation and atrocities being committed by the militants. The people of Swat have shed their share of blood and the drama should now be transferred to some other part of the country,”

Now that's an idea, why dont we have a lottery system? with each tehsil or district with a number being put into a pot, and then every Friday, a number will be taken and the Army and the Taliban will shift over the weekend to that part. Then battle will commence, suicide bombings will happen, schools will be burnt down, school girls will be bathed in acid, spies will be beheaded, rocket gunships will be used. Then again on Friday, on national TV, another draw will take place and thus life will go on...The public seem to like the idea...

Apparently, the shopkeepers and the general public have appreciated the idea and unilaterally decided to close their businesses for an indefinite period from Monday.

Mind you, there is hope...

On the other hand, a meeting of the Qaumi Amn Jirga was held at a mosque in Charbagh Tehsil. The Jirga decided to set up two committees to negotiate peace with both the security forces and the militants in Swat.

Cant wait to hear how that works out...

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