Thursday, January 20

One of the most brutal genocides and nobody guilty

I saw this photograph on a blog which posts old Indian photographs. Ripped my heart out.

This relates the Bangladeshi Genocide carried out by those stalwarts of Islam, the Pakistani Army and their assorted quislings, the Bangladeshi Religious establishment who popped off 3 million people. Well, it doesn't matter, does it? when Muslims kill Muslims? its only when non Muslims kill Muslims do the howling mob come out. And in any case, they were Hindu’s or ex-Hindus or Bangla speaking. Bah. But look at the face, hopeless eyes, tired from walking for miles, a dying child. Nothing to call her own other than a thin bangle, a single tattered piece of cloth, cradling her child, who is most probably cholera inflicted.

I was very young at that time, about 4 years of age, but as I keep on saying, one of my earliest memories are people like this squabbling like feral dogs over food thrown into the garbage bin after the wedding feast. We were in Calcutta at that time. I also remember people like this wandering the streets during the afternoon begging for “maarh”, the rice water which is left after washing rice. Watch and weep. And since 1971, the Pakistani Army has gone on to do better and bigger things. Still doing it.

Tuesday, January 18

Doing Business in India

I seem to have forgotten about this till I was reminded during a discussion on books and book writing and stuff. Here’s the book that I contributed couple of chapters to this book edited by one of my friends, Pawan Budhwar.

The blurb says:

In response to the increasing interest in the growth and developments in the Indian economy, and the dynamic nature of the rapidly changing Indian business environment, this textbook is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to doing business in the Indian context.

Written by academic experts in their respective fields, this book is divided into three parts: the Indian business context, conducting business in India, and India and the world. Key information is presented on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Both the shortcomings and opportunities associated with the Indian business environment
  • The economic development model in India
  • Critical skills for negotiation and incentives for foreign investors, including case studies of Italian companies that have entered the Indian market in different ways
  • Business culture in India, including particular customs and etiquette

In addition to the pedagogical features, each chapter contains a set of key issues, and there is also a list of useful websites covering a wide range of business needs. This book introduces students to business in India, and will be also be of use to investors, organisations and managers who are already doing business, or intend to start one, in India.

I write about “living in India” and “Indian Multinational Abroad, tracking global footprints”. It is aimed at management students, can be used as a textbook and can be a primer for people who are, well, interested in doing business in India : )

Monday, January 17

Photography and Privacy

Was speaking over email with a bunch of good friends and there was a debate over whether photography in public places was ok. My view is that its ok as long as nobody objects, if somebody does, then I don't take their photos. If not, hey, you are in public. Not going to stop taking pics. Anyway, it is simply not possible for me to go about taking model release forms from everybody, so that’s stupid. But how about videography? I was reminded of this video when that debate happened. The artist couldn't have done this without assuming its ok?

Sunday, January 16

Peeing Policeman–freedom of speech

Now this seems to have rubbed off people in a variety of ways. This art exhibit is the problem.

In Dresden, this exhibit is causing quite a lot of outrage. Fairly typical reaction from the usual suspects. I found it quite interesting, this is supposed to be an exposition on the public versus private sphere. Like it or not, this is freedom of expression and that is inviolate. But stick in the muds are all over the world, whether we are talking about the Mohammad cartoons or the Jesus in cow dung painting or what have you. Artists of this world unite and anybody who is principled should support this. Freedom of expression and speech was won from the despots and various assorted religious idiots/leaders of this world at vast cost.