Saturday, April 25

This is for the birds

I mean, for crying out loud…people have too much time on their hands. A bird poop sack?






Ok, so I know what’s it supposed to do, but why on earth would you put in a pooper scooper for a bird? Things people come up with…

I have seen horses with poop sacks, but this is ridiculous.

Here’s another one:

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Friday, April 24

Egyptian-born US Muslim to advise White House – HIDE!!!!

Good heavens, there goes the neighbourhood. If this lady and her views are what is being passed around in the White House as an accurate representation of what Muslims think around the world, then the world is in trouble.

Why do I say that? because her claim to fame is based upon an execrable, frankly incoherent book that she wrote. Here, go check out the book review that I wrote and then wonder, what on earth is the matter with Barak Obama that he has to appoint people with such weird ideas? Yuck. I am not sure who speaks for Islam or even Muslims, but it definitely is not her.

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There IS a piggy God!

Now you tell me, dont you think there is a piggy God? What else explains this close escape?

They were able to break free when the vehicle was in an accident near the Malton Bacon Factory in York, which made the back doors swing open.

The escaped herd seized their opportunity and ran off down the road away from the lorry on Friday.

Firefighters used cutting equipment to free another 40 of the animals still trapped in the lorry, while other crew members used jets of water to cool them off.

North Yorkshire Police said all the pigs were eventually rounded up, but 40 had to be put down by vets. The lorry driver was unhurt in the accident.

Run Piggy Run.

I want my country (Pakistan) back

I think this op-ed is good enough to copy and paste in here fully, the lady concerned, Sehar Tariq, writes with deep passion and emotion. What a tragedy that that country’s youth feels like that.

Eight years ago I boarded a plane to the United States to come to college. I was 17. As I left, my father hugged me and told me to never come back because he believed that soon Pakistan would not be a country fit for me to live in. I told him he was trying to save money by not having to buy me tickets to come home. We laughed it off. I hugged him goodbye and that day my father and I began our great debate about the fate of Pakistan. Abba told me to stay away. I defied him every time. I came home twice a year. I only flew PIA. I refused to do an internship in the US I worked every summer in Pakistan. I moved back when college ended. I started work in Pakistan. I worked two jobs because there was so much to do and not enough time to do it in. I was inspired and energised. I was hopeful and optimistic.
Today I am neither. And I have lost the debate with my father about the fate of Pakistan. The Parliament by endorsing the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) has heralded the end of Pakistan as I knew and loved it. Today, the elected representatives of the people turned Pakistan into Talibanistan. Today we handed over a part of the country to them. I wonder how much longer before we surrender it all.
Today we legislated that a group of criminals would be in charge of governing and dispensing justice in a part of Pakistan according to their own obscurantist views. They have declared that the rulings of their courts will be supreme and no other court in the land can challenge them. They have also declared that their men that killed and maimed innocent civilians, waged war against the Pakistani army and blew up girls schools will be exempt from punishment under this law. A law that does not apply equally to all men and women is not worthy of being called a law. Hence today we legislated lawlessness.
What was most disturbing was the quiescence of the Parliament to this legislation. The utter lack of debate and questioning of this ridiculous legislation was appalling. The decision was not informed by any independent research or expert testimony, and to my knowledge none of the parliamentarians are authorities on matters of security, rule of law or regional conditions in Swat. This signals disturbing possibilities. Either our politicians are too afraid to stand up to criminals or maybe they don't possess the foresight to gauge the national impact of this action. There is no hope for a country led by cowards or fools.
How can one be hopeful about the political future of a country where the will and the wisdom of politicians becomes hostage to the threats of barbarians? How can I be optimistic about a country where doyens of the media like Ansar Abbasi hear the collective silence of the parliamentarians as the resounding support of the people of Pakistan, but are deaf to the threats issued by the Taliban to anyone opposing the legislation? How can I feel secure in a country where the army, despite receiving the largest chunk of our resources, cannot defeat a bunch of thugs? How can I expect justice when there are different laws for different citizens, and I as a woman am a second class citizen? How can I be inspired by a country where there is no culture, no music, no art, no poetry and no innovative thought?
How can I be expected to return to a country where women are beaten and flogged publicly, where my daughters will not be allowed to go to school, where my sisters will die of common diseases because male doctors cannot see them? How can I be expected to call that country home that denies me the rights given me by my Constitution and religion? I refuse to live in a country where women like me are forced to rot behind the four walls of their homes and not allowed to use their education to benefit the nation. By endorsing the NAR and giving in to the Taliban, Parliament has sapped my hope and optimism. Parliament has dealt a deathly blow to the aspirations of the millions of young Pakistanis who struggle within and outside the country, fuelled by sheer patriotism, for a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan.
When there is no hope, no optimism, no security, no justice, no education, no progress, no culture – there is no Pakistan. Maybe it is because I am the grandchild of immigrants who was raised on stories of hope, patriotism and sacrifice that even in this misery I cannot forget that Pakistan was created to protect the lives, property, culture and future of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. It was not established to be a safe haven for terrorists. We fought so that we could protect the culture of the Muslims of the Subcontinent, not so that we could import the culture of Saudi Arabia. Our ancestors laid down their lives so that the Muslims of the Subcontinent – both men and women - could live in a land free of prejudice, not so that they could be subjected to violent discrimination of the basis of sect and gender.
Maybe it's because I'm competitive and I don't want to lose the debate to my father, maybe I am afraid to lose the only home I have, or maybe because I love Pakistan too much to ever say goodbye – I hope we can remember the reasons why we made Pakistan, and I hope we can stand up to fight for them. I hope we can revive the spirit of national unity of 1947 and lock arms to battle the monster of the Taliban that threatens our existence. Talibanistan is an insult to my Pakistan. I want my country back. Pakistan Paaindabad!

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How would I vote in the European Elections

Well, here you go:


After voting in this poll, this is what the black box came back with. Heh, interesting, eh? I am slam in the middle of everything, cant make up my mind, eh? lol

Taliban are angry with American White Women

Obviously they are angry with American White Women in the American Army. You see, they kick the butts of eunuch medieval illiterate moronic patriarchal stupid idiot mujahedeen Taliban. Not that easy to take on a woman who is armed and willing to kick your butt, is it, you Pakistani holy warriors? Its much easier to cane women or throw acid on them or break their legs or shoot at unarmed women or throw stones at them, but just confirms:


Here’s the Taliban Brave Warrior who uttered these words:

Can you see his bravery jumping out of all pores and every fold of his turban?

and the video underneath, welcome to the flower of Islamist manhood.

cluck cluck cluck

Also see this which I wrote earlier.

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Tuesday, April 21

Theft in an ATM machine

This was perhaps the saddest videos I have seen. Nothing earth shattering you would think, just a man getting robbed inside an ATM by two Pakistani’s or Afghans (at least dressed that way). The chap cannot be identified but looks like a Filipino.

But how the man just collapses and cries for the loss of his money is very sad.

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Monday, April 20

Top 10 inspirational books

Hmmm, quite curious, if you allow yourself to believe that polls are good predictors of reality. Here are the top 10 most inspirational reads.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee (1960)

2. The Bible

3. A Child Called It - Dave Pelzer (2001)

4. Men are from mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray (1993)

5. Diary of Anne Frank - Anne Frank (1947)

6. 1984 - George Orwell (1949)

7. A Long Walk to Freedom - Nelson Mandela (2002)

8. The Beach - Alex Garland (1994)

9. The Time Travellers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger (2005)

10. The Catcher in the Rye - J D Salinger (1951)

Mockingbird is good, the writing is brilliant but the better/bigger element is the perspective it shines on discrimination. Enough said about this book. Just wonderful.

Interesting that the Bible found itself in the second place, but that was not really what made me blink. It was #4, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. THAT’s inspirational? You have got to be kidding me. I can understand the rest of them all right, but THAT book? proof that book lovers are crazy.

Reading #3 book made me cry in rage. Literally cry. We still have women like this who can be that cruel to their own children. How can you do this? I dont take the tack that you have to be mad to do this. Even when you are mad, you dont lose sight of your basic humanity. And its a child. Some animals do this but for crying out loud, we are supposed to be humans. Evolved out of the barbaric times. Absolutely foul and still makes me want to go medieval on the guilty people. But then, why whine about one small boy when we humans commit unspeakable things on our fellow human beings, such as the holocaust.

Not much to speak about the Diary of Anne Frank, it was quite inspirational all right and the tone of tender innocence combined with the hints of terror that seep through, brilliant writing.

I remember standing in front of Anne Frank’s hidey hole in Amsterdam.  It looks so innocent now and if you can somehow bleed away the seething mass of tourists from your mind, you can sort of put yourself in the mind of this young girl. Quite moving and inspirational.

1984 again does not need any introduction, when the state becomes overpowering, then the rights of individuals get squelched. The book warns about the rise of fundamentalism and totalitarianism, whether right, left, up, down, religious or what have you. I see how this is slowly encroaching the boundaries of our lives across the world, whether its the war on terror by the west or war on culture by the assorted Buddhist / Jewish / Hindu / Muslim Rage Boys or even the mild variety you see in western countries where the state is slowly becoming the most cloying and suffocating nanny state ever.

But people still fight back, as Nelson Mandela, one of my hero’s, writes in his autobiography. And one man CAN make a difference. Quite an inspirational chappie. Unfortunately, I have not read the next two books, The Beach by Alex Garland or The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Mind you, reading the blurb in Amazon leads me to pick the latter for my wish list and sort of skipping the former. While I have read The Catcher in the Rye, I am not sure if I would really class it as inspirational, but that is just me.

Off the top of my head, below are some other books that I think might be worthwhile to add, but this is just me (this is also the list of books that I try to re-read every year)

  1. The Gita and Arthshastra
  2. Ayn Rand’s books, all of them, but primarily Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged
  3. Dale Carnegie’s books
  4. Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
  5. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach
  6. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery
  7. HMS Ulysses by Alistair Maclean
  8. My Experiments with Truth by Gandhi.

I have not added the English versions of Gitanjali or Vivekananda’s works as the they are less than ideal translations. What do you think? What else are we missing? What is on your bookshelf, Kindle or pdf that you can say is inspirational?

If your child / younger brother/sister/friend was going away on a long journey and all s/he could carry were 3 inspirational books, which ones would you pick?

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Tory run libraries criticised for playing music

Can you believe this? Libraries are now piping music into the libraries. Sugababes playing over the PA! See what they said in their defence:

However, a spokeswoman described the service as "quiet background music".

She said: "Bishops Cleeve is a popular and lovely library and it has been very busy since we introduced music.

"There is a sound system there which plays quiet background music and the majority of visitors enjoy the atmosphere.

"When asked, staff are happy to turn down the sound if it is disturbing visitors.

"Libraries are not just about books any more."

This is truly a WTF situation, what on earth is happening in Gloucestershire? Bloody maniacs have taken over the asylum. Morons. What’s next? go go dancers? Curry houses? or a shooting gallery? Or how about a pub?

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Sunday, April 19

The New Baghdad, land of 1001 vice varieties

When i read this, I felt quite good in a way. Human nature is again poking its head

Vice is making a comeback in this city once famous for 1,001 varieties of it. A liquor store in the Karada neighbourhood of Baghdad. The stores were tolerated by Saddam Hussein but shut by militiamen after his ouster in 2003. Gone, for the most part, are night-time curfews, religious extremists and prowling kidnappers. So, inevitably, some people are turning to illicit pleasures, or at least slightly dubious ones.

Nightclubs have reopened, and in many of them, prostitutes troll for clients. Liquor stores, once shut down by fundamentalist militiamen, have proliferated; on one block of busy Saddoun Street, there are more than 10 of them.

The best remark was this:

“If I had my way, I’d destroy all the mosques and spread the whores around a little more,” the detective said. “At least they’re not sectarian.”

Welcome to religion, this is what happens when the religious nuts run amok. I am happier to take the seamier side of human life rather than the self righteous, murderous, horrible religious nuts. Of any persuasion.

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They killed the Canary

Sighs, that’s it, my life sucks now. I am so depressed, they have now killed Canary Wharf.., see? there’s the evidence..



Say what you might about these anti capitalist protestors, they do get good protest materials, lol


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Swat Taliban promote ‘love marriages’

Awww, this is so sweet of the Taliban. I was just being stupid, telling that that shooting lovers wasnt really such a good idea, but their hearts are in the right place, see? I quote:

LAHORE: The Taliban of Swat have set up a bureau named ‘Shuba-e-Aroosat’ for arranging love marriages of couples who are denied the marriage of choice by their families for one reason or the other, reports BBC Urdu Service.
Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan said the marriage bureau headed by Taliban Commander Abu Ammad arranged 11 ‘love marriages’ in the last nine days while 300 girls and boys are waiting for their turn.
“The love marriage aspirants contact the bureau on a fixed telephone number. The Taliban collect their particulars and then contact their families to arrange these choice marriages,” he said, adding that Islam allows every adult to get marry according to his/her own choice. He said, “Most of the girls, or their families, who contacted us wish to marry ‘militant’ Taliban.”

Analysts say the Taliban are paving the way for themselves to marry the girls of their choice. It is really strange that they flog the couples on one hand for moving together while on the other hand allow young couples to marry according to their choice. Also the question arises how is it possible for a boy or girl to propose while they have not seen each other, reports BBC Urdu Service.

I am sure the other killing of the young couple who tried to elope was just a mere mistake. I quote:

Afghanistan's extremist Taliban publicly executed a young couple who had tried to elope, a provincial governor has said. The pair were shot dead yesterday (AEST) in front of a mosque in the southwestern province of Nimroz, an area where the Islamists have influence. "An unmarried young boy and an unmarried girl who loved each other and wanted to get married had eloped because their families would not approve the marriage," Azad said.

So presumably the other angle would be, get married in the bureau and then get lined up to get shot. Pretty neat arrangement, no? Well, previously you would get married and then get lined up to get shot with a camera, now its just an AK 47…