Monday, April 20

Tory run libraries criticised for playing music

Can you believe this? Libraries are now piping music into the libraries. Sugababes playing over the PA! See what they said in their defence:

However, a spokeswoman described the service as "quiet background music".

She said: "Bishops Cleeve is a popular and lovely library and it has been very busy since we introduced music.

"There is a sound system there which plays quiet background music and the majority of visitors enjoy the atmosphere.

"When asked, staff are happy to turn down the sound if it is disturbing visitors.

"Libraries are not just about books any more."

This is truly a WTF situation, what on earth is happening in Gloucestershire? Bloody maniacs have taken over the asylum. Morons. What’s next? go go dancers? Curry houses? or a shooting gallery? Or how about a pub?

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