Thursday, January 20

One of the most brutal genocides and nobody guilty

I saw this photograph on a blog which posts old Indian photographs. Ripped my heart out.

This relates the Bangladeshi Genocide carried out by those stalwarts of Islam, the Pakistani Army and their assorted quislings, the Bangladeshi Religious establishment who popped off 3 million people. Well, it doesn't matter, does it? when Muslims kill Muslims? its only when non Muslims kill Muslims do the howling mob come out. And in any case, they were Hindu’s or ex-Hindus or Bangla speaking. Bah. But look at the face, hopeless eyes, tired from walking for miles, a dying child. Nothing to call her own other than a thin bangle, a single tattered piece of cloth, cradling her child, who is most probably cholera inflicted.

I was very young at that time, about 4 years of age, but as I keep on saying, one of my earliest memories are people like this squabbling like feral dogs over food thrown into the garbage bin after the wedding feast. We were in Calcutta at that time. I also remember people like this wandering the streets during the afternoon begging for “maarh”, the rice water which is left after washing rice. Watch and weep. And since 1971, the Pakistani Army has gone on to do better and bigger things. Still doing it.

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