Saturday, January 3

Ministers cannot be trusted with the truth

Now this is seriously humiliating for the current government ministers (and perhaps most of the political class in the UK). The fact that the British populace does not trust the political class is not surprising, but the fact that for the past 10 odd years, the Labour government, with its spin and lying, has really brought the state of economics to this end. I quote:

The head of Britain's statistics watchdog has called for ministers to be stripped of their right to see sensitive official data before it is published. Sir Michael Scholar, the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, accused ministers of using their advance sight of official figures for political gain and warned that it was eroding public trust in official statistics.

Now why would you do that, you ignorant, moronic, control freak, lying ministers? Dont you realise the damage you are doing by trying to spin everything? What is your problem? We elected you to govern well, just when did you get the idea that you were elected to lie to us and spin the numbers to us? What gives you the idea that you are elected to do so?

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