Monday, December 29

Jews versus Muslims

You know what I think about the comparison of Jews versus Muslims. Here's another example of the sheer stupidity that is shown in this fight. There is a fight in Gaza and people want to bring the fight on the shores of England. So this chap wants Muslims in London to go after Jews. And to go after people like this:

Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag 91 (New)

The long-serving minister of Manchester's Whitefield Synagogue was cited by the judges for his wider communal role, particularly in the creation of innovative employment projects for Charedim — for example, vocational courses in subjects such as accountancy. Another goal has been working towards an infrastructure for Jewish learning to be available for all ages and abilities. He founded and has maintained an interlinking roster of educational organisations through the Whitefield shul “campus”.

Miriam Benchetrit 92 (New)

A rising name as head of the Rothschild Foundation (Europe), established in 2000 as the Hanadiv Charitable Foundation. The foundation supports the development of Jewish culture and identity, the preservation of Jewish sites and documents, and charities working to advance equality and civil rights. She has professionalised its operations by creating projects, particularly in Eastern Europe. Holder of a BA and MSc in Middle Eastern politics and political theory, she has worked for the Minerva Centre for Human Rights at the Hebrew University and Shatil, the New Israel Fund’s centre promoting democracy, tolerance and social justice.

Sami Shamoon 93 (New)

Businessman and big cheese in Sephardi circles in the UK and abroad. Born into a wealthy Iraqi family, he moved to Iran in the late 1940s and spent time in Israel. He and his wife came to England after the Iranian revolution. The Naima JPS Primary School in Maida Vale, West London, is among his British involvements.

Paul Anticoni 94 (New)

Chief executive of World Jewish Relief, which has forged a reputation for its global welfare work for needy Jews, particularly in Eastern Europe. He has brought wide-ranging experience to the role, having managed Red Cross global disaster response operations in Africa, South-East Asia and Kosovo.

Charles Keidan 95 (New)

Director of the Pears Foundation and instrumental in advancing its agenda, which places strong emphasis on a combination of Jewish values, social action and human rights. The 31-year-old was political adviser to colourful Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik before briefly working for the Pears family property business. He was the first employee of the Pears Foundation.

David Hirsh 96 (New)

A sociology lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London, David Hirsh established the Engage website to counter left-wing and trades-union anti-Zionism and antisemitism. He was also to the fore in the campaign to reverse the academic boycott of Israeli universities.

David Kyte 97 (New)

The 47-year-old North Londoner is the co-founder of London Maccabi, the UK’s largest Jewish football club, which runs seven men’s teams and 27 junior sides (aged seven-18) . He is also a trustee of Rowley Lane Maccabi, which owns a 47-acre sporting facility in Arkley, Herts. Traded on the LIFFE market from its inception in 1982 and set up The Kyte Group in 1985.

Ella Marks 98 (New)

President of the League of Jewish Women, one of the community's unsung voluntary-service groups. Introduced to volunteering as a child, accompanying her mother on visits to the elderly in residential homes, she was attracted to the League because it works both within and outside the Jewish community. Trained as a social worker, Mrs Marks went on to lecture in social work and was an Open University tutor for many years.

Mike Freer 99 (New)

The non-Jewish Barnet Council leader and Tory Parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green has worked to build links with the Jewish community, highlighting on his personal profile his membership of Conservative Friends of Israel and involvement in the Barnet Multi-faith Forum.

Linda Grant 100 (New)

Since her first novel, The Cast Iron Shore, in 1996, Linda Grant, 57, has won six major literary awards and been shortlisted for two more. The child of Russian and Polish immigrants has written regularly on Jewish themes. Her latest work, The Clothes On Their Backs, tackles issues including the Holocaust, racism and the dilemma facing Jewish refugees to Britain — maintain a low profile, or seize on opportunities.

Very good news. And to think that this was posted by a gentleman called as saladin1970.5, Veteran Campaigner. The chap obviously does not know about Saladin and how the original fellow behaved and dealt with Jews, but then the chap's ignorance is clear in terms of his appeal. What a silly chap. Then again, if Saddam Hussein can call himself as Saladin, I suppose this brain dead veteran moron ignoramus can do so as well. This chap also posted this post before. Mr. Saladin, you are playing with dangerous things here. But the discussion is saddening.

I sincerely hope the Muslims do not take up this call because this will have 2 issues. (1) it will fan the flames of British originated Terrorism and (2) it will fan the flames of Islamophobia. Please, if Israel and Palestine cannot behave in a civilised manner, lets try to be civilised here in the UK. This will cause issues with the Muslims here and will not help at all.

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