Thursday, August 21

Nuclear Hypocrisy

I read this op-ed by EDWARD J. MARKEY and ELLEN O. TAUSCHER here. Frankly, people like Markey and Tauscher are considered to be idiots and even worse: hypocritical ignoramuses. So India has to sign the CTBT and halt production of nuclear materials, eh?

So, you blithering idiots, what stopped you from doing so yourself? So you do not want to sign the CTBT but you want others to sign it? You know what I call people who say that kind of stuff? I call them morons and idiots.

And just how has the NPT stopped nuclear weapons development in Iran, north Korea, Pakistan, Israel, India and South Africa?

And these self righteous ignorant morons had the temerity to write an op ed in the New York Times??? Well, I suppose its good in a way, now people can see them for what they are, typical political idiots. Thank god nobody will listen to them. Here, read what I think about the NPT.

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