Saturday, July 24

Further developments on Karn

I wrote before on what my son Karn is doing in terms of his economic and financial education. While talking to a friend of mine over email, I was telling him what Karn was up to now and thought of sharing that.


That little shit came to me to do a deal 2 days back. Said that if he manages to ace his triple science gcse paper by getting a grade 8 which apparently nobody in his school has got, he wants a debit card. I was puzzled, why is he asking this? Surely things like a party, or a new pc or games?
No, he figured out that physical cash is stupid, if you spend via a debut card and carry no or very minimal cash, you get more interest on your savings. Not much but every little helps!

And he has discovered girls. Sighs. Or they have discovered him. Damn mobile is like a constant chiming pain in the backside.

And thanks to Madhu's and others advice, he is building a website with dreamweaver, plans to set it up on a free advertising based webhost and put in free games and stuff for others to play. His idea? Baba, this is as close I can get to a perpetual money machine. Free hosting and ad kick backs and I don't have to do much other than add a free game every week. He plans to earn $200 per year or so. Plus he needs the debit card to sign up to the payment system.

And he has found PENNY STOCKS!!!! Bloody hell. Created a monster.

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