Saturday, December 20

Is killing acid attackers unlawfully right?

This is a tough one. I personally think that any man who attacks a girl with acid should be publicly castrated by having his genitals burnt away with acid. Yes, I know, this is medieval justice but there is much to be said about the deterrent effect of letting these bastard boys know the pain and joy of acid being sprinkled on their bodies. If they thought with their penis's, then let that be destroyed.

For example, these boys sprayed acid on 2 girls. I quote:

K Swapnika, 24, who suffered acid burns on her face, chest, back and thighs in the attack that took place on Wednesday evening, is battling for her life in a Hyderabad hospital. The second victim, T Pranitha, is out of danger.The main accused, Srinivas, had been turned down by the girls. He along with his two accomplices, drove a bike and threw acid on the girls last Wednesday. The girls were returning home in a scooter.

But now the situation is slightly different. The policemen arrested the boys and...

Around 11.30 pm on Friday, the three accused were taken to Mamnoor, near Warangal. According to the police, Srinivas and his accomplices had claimed that they had hidden the acid bottles used in the attack and the motorcycle in which they committed the crime in Mamnoor. "While we were searching, Srinivas took out a country-made pistol and the other two whipped up knives and acid bottles. In the retaliatory action, all the three were shot dead," SP Sajjanar said on Saturday morning in a version that nobody believes. 

Now this is not good. This was an extra judicial killing, unlawful killing to be precise. I understand the need for revenge, but for the police to do this is beyond the line. You cannot do one wrong in response to another wrong. Yes, I know, its hypocritical of me. I am asking for clearly unlawful things to be done to these boys and then saying that the police were doing unlawful things as well. But I have to say that my points were more due to frustrated anger, rather than breaking the law which these policemen were doing.

Think about what the father of one of these boys said:

The father of the prime accused refused to take his body and justified his elimination as "justice done for the crime''.

Justice might have been done but not lawfully.

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