Friday, April 17

Libelling Hanuman

I fell about laughing at these chaps. Truly idiotic. Can you actually libel a God? Or an incarnation of a God? or what have you? I am thinking back to our vast pantheon of Gods and thinking, hmmm, I wonder where in the millions of Gods and their histories have I ever read about a God being Libelled.

As a Hindu, I find these guys as pseudo Hindu's, do not know their own religion or the vast corpus of work on it or the various interpretations of Ramayana or or or.

So there ARE 300 different versions of Ramayana, but because these pinheads only know of one, all others are wrong eh? Now where have we heard this before? I know, they are the Taliban or the Wahhabi’s. Hence these chaps aren't Hindu’s but Pseudo Hindu's out to malign Hinduism. Its the election which is drawing out all these stupid idiots.

And for some reason, the word intellectual seems to get them going like idiots. Perhaps their fury is directed towards people who think? See what I mean? Any time anybody does a Gita or a Purana pravachan, they are thinking and extrapolating. They are intellectuals. Sighs, clowns and lol, most amusing.

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shrek said...

Sigh.. religion and politics bring out the worst characteristics in people. I have read some of their other articles and many of them seem to be just as deluded and paranoid. There is a slight difference between them and the taliban though - these guys seek recourse through the (draconic) "libel" laws of a democratically elected government.

But is there smoke without fire? Arun shourie wrote this very interesting article sometime in 90s I believe.