Monday, April 13

India launches Israeli Spy Satellite – spots ulcers

Ok, so it has not launched yet, but for some reason, Israel seems to brings all the weirdo’s out of the woodwork. Plus I suspect that it also produces the greatest amount of ulcers, specially with the preponderance of people foaming about Zionist plots and the like. And for India to actually have a military relationship with Israel, the land of non-violence, non-alignment, great power, USA loving etc. etc. just confuses the brown organic matter from people. But love it :)

But leaving aside the politics out of it, the actual stuff that that this satellite will do is pretty good. I quote:

The satellite is a PSLV C12 remote-sensing model. The satellite can take images of the earth day and night and under all weather conditions, which is useful for India in protecting its borders. The satellite can send images to a ground station through cloud cover or at night, using radar technology.

Good stuff. India actually has some very good analysts, you know? Give them this and they would provide another layer of security from the various uglies in the neighbourhood.

And now that Israel is working on Cricket as well, just what do you think will happen if Israel plays India in cricket? I cannot wait for that day.

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