Thursday, March 13

Israeli at center of Spitzer scandal

Far too typically, Muslim Rage boys are all over this story raising such a huge chuckle and smile on my face. (See my previous essay about rage boys). But the fact that so many morons are out there getting all excited about the fact that there was an Israeli involved is just so amusing indeed. Erm, yes, Israeli's do have prostitution. And they do have pimps as well. Gosh, are you saying that Muslims dont do prostitution or pimping? :P

Mind you, they also do high technology, but you do not see those emails being circulated, lol. What morons.... I feel bad taking the mickey out of these pond life gits, but today was not a good day and they are as good as a target as any to vent my frustration on! :) Mind you, I started the day with taking the mickey out of a very strange foul mouthed bizarre man on one of my mailing lists so it evens out.

Here's the message which has been circulating.

The alleged procurer in the prostitution scandal surrounding New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has an Israeli passport. A federal magistrate in New York ordered Mark "Michael" Brener held without bail after his arrest last Thursday related to allegations that he headed the Emperors VIP Club, described by police as a high-priced prostitution ring.

The Associated Press reported that $600,000 in cash and an Israeli passport were elements in the denial of bail to Brener, 62. Brener's lawyer said he has been a U.S. citixen for 20 years. The New York Times has reported that Spitzer is the "Client 9" described in the search warrant that led to the arrests of Brener and four alleged colleagues.
Spitzer, a Jewish lawyer whose office conducted serious investigations of at least two Jewish organizations when he was state attorney general, made a brief statement to the media Monday admitting he had let down his family and the public. He did not offer any details.

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