Saturday, May 24

Marriage is irrelevant to public policy

This just brews me up no end. At best, it just shows that this minister is simply pig-ignorant about economics and politics, and at worst, she is an active danger to society. She actively flies against research which shows that a twin parent, male female family unit is good for everybody, the children, the parents themselves and the society itself.

But, I am simply dumbfounded at her thoughts. This is an educated woman talking? And the reins of our country are in this woman's hands? I simply do not believe it.
So the government should respect choices, eh? Would you respect my choice not to pay my taxes for say Scotland? You, Ms. Harman, are a blithering idiot.

Truly atrocious. Here's a good starting point for those who want to go check out human family economics, that large branch of economics and public policy.

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