Sunday, August 31

Jenna Delich comes across as an...?

I was away on holiday while this got brewing but seems like this academic (very doubtful nomenclature, what exactly is the academic bits that this lady is doing?) is busy linking to far right websites in their anti Semitic efforts against Israel and the Jews. Yeah, yeah, I know, but basically the British Institution and these people are basically anti Semitic. The day I see them being consistent in their condemnation, i will withdraw my accusation, but basically they are hypocritical anti Semitic's. Not only that, they are now trying to pull down anybody who says otherwise.


Jenna Delich, you are a blot on the landscape. As for your argument, you poor sap. Question is, who on earth hired you? And is still keeping you in employment? I am just wondering about your students. Is this the pap they have to read and hear? This is her public Linked In profile. Hmmm, she has indeed ruined her online and google profile. Bang goes her academic career. Poor girl, but then, given her research abilities, perhaps she should think about becoming a politician where truth and balance do not matter.

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