Tuesday, November 18

The Taliban are the scum of the earth

A school girl who is desirous of learning has had acid thrown on her face.


These are not students (Talib = students), they are not even human. But then, even animals do not treat their own young in this way. What ARE these people? they are treating their own girls like this? I am simply furious and feel that these people do not simply deserve any mercy. What IS the point of their fight against their own kinds? Why are they like this? Sod water boarding, I want acid dripped on their genitals and forced to beg for medicines in the street, I so want to get medieval on them.

Bastards, may you rot in hell.


khaled said...

I really don't know who is the real bastard and the people that should be rot in hell.Taliban or the people who kills more than 10 muslims daily, not one each week??!!
The world should have no mercy with the people who kill muslims daily because of their religion.

BD said...

I agree. Start with the fact that muslims have killed muslims much more than rest of the religions combined. But that's a different argument. I am happy to hear that you share my sentiments about these taliban