Sunday, January 18

Letter to my MP complaining about their expenses.

The problem relates to this issue. Extraordinary. Why on earth are they hiding their expenses? So when Scotland can do it without any security or administration issues, why is Westminster doing this? Truly disgraceful.

Gareth Thomas MP
Harrow West
Sunday 18 January 2009

Dear Mr. Thomas,
I was astonished to hear that the MPs have voted to hide the details of their expenses from being revealed to the general public. I fail to understand why you are doing so. I do not know if you also voted to so so, but I would hope not.
You see, I have to do that, every pence I spend of my company's money, I have to justify. If I dont, then the claim is rejected. If I had to put it in another way, it would be called as stealing. Now you dont do it, but why on earth are you allowing the name of the British Parliament to be besmirched? Over such a trivial issue? Why would you and your colleagues hide this?
It IS our business, your colleagues have, over and over again, shown an alarming lack of probity relating to spending my money. So why on earth is your party's ministers trying to hide this basic economic and business practice? Surely you all do not have anything to hide, do you?
And please tell Harriet Harman that her excuses of administrative expense (do you think rest of the business world does not do so?) or security (what security? I dont want to know security details, keep them, I want to know what you spend your money on) wash? No they do not.
In this time of everybody belt tightening, it is really very unfair to hear about the fact that the parliament is now voting to keep its spending secret.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta

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