Saturday, January 31

Why on earth is the UK taking in ships which have been rejected by India as well?

This is bizarre. India rejected this French ship because it has asbestos. And now it is going to come to the UK? I quote:

Decommissioned in 1997, it has been moored in Brest since 2006 when the then French President Jacques Chirac recalled her from India after an outcry by politicians and environmentalists, concerned for the health of Indian workers who would strip the vessel.

An estimated 700 tons of material contaminated by the original asbestos used in her construction still remain in the ship, which was named after the First World War statesman Georges Clemenceau but is now known as Hull Q790.

The 878ft long aircraft carrier Clemenceau is scheduled to leave the French port of Brest during the first week in February and make her final voyage under tow to a dock in Teesside, where she will be pulled apart.

The 27,000 ton hulk is laden with asbestos and other toxic chemicals and environmentalists in France and the UK are opposed to bringing her here.

The ship is destined for Able UK, the company which previously brought four other 'ghost ships' from the American National Defence Reserve Fleet to the UK for dismantling.

All the vessels will now be broken up together, along with some smaller British ships, at the company's yard in Graythorp, Teesside, near Hartlepool.

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