Tuesday, February 10

And now Valentine’s day is worse than AIDS, Ebola and Cholera

I just find these religious nuts just fascinating. See this chap foaming away..He is saying, “

Egyptian cleric Hazem Shuman called on Muslim youth to "confront [the] Valentine virus," saying that while "everything red will become more expensive" for the holiday, "one red thing will become cheaper: the blood of Muslims. All this is the result of the sins committed by Muslim youth."

He warned, "In a few days time, a very dangerous virus will attack the body of the nation. What virus? Is it AIDS? No, something more dangerous. Something more dangerous than Ebola, which dissolves the human body, more dangerous than cholera, which killed half of Europe a few centuries ago... I have come tonight to warn all boys and girls about an extremely dangerous virus, which is about to attack the hearts of the nation’s youth, and to destroy our relations with God. We must confront this Valentine virus!"

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. What next?

I will tell you what’s next, in response to all the Pink Chaddi Campaign, some spotty Hindu rage boys, typically being anonymous and hiding behind their mum’s sari’s, have launched a counter campaign, called as pinkcondomcampaign. I mean, how pathetic, they couldnt even come up with an original theme or colour and then to hide behind anonymity? How pathetic but sadly typical. All these religious nuts are the same, prefer to foam and splutter in anonymity or ignorance or more frequently, both. Just check out the comments on the pinkcondom site and see what I mean.

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