Saturday, March 7

What would Jesus do?

I was gaping while reading this story. It is just simply too bizarre but it still did happen. First, the fact that a bastard slime ball of a stepfather has been abusing this little girl since she was 6 years and then made her pregnant with twins by the time she was 9 years of age.

Then I find out that Brazil doesnt allow abortions. Well, that’s a very minor wtf. In this day and age, can you imagine a country not allowing abortions? But then, let that pass.

The next wtf was that the local archbishop then proceeded to say that the child cannot have an abortion. What on earth are you on about, you doddery old fool? The doctors say that the child will die if she is allowed to proceed with the pregnancy. And tragically, they come to know that she is pregnant when she complains about “a pain in her tummy”. And then this idiot says that they cannot abort the twins?

Final wtf is that this archbishop fellow decides to excommunicate the poor little girl. I seriously think that these religious leaders are simply soft in the head. Oiy, archbishop, what would Jesus do when faced with this situation? Dont you think he would have hugged her and promised to protect her?

What a loon. More publicity is needed so that this kind of medieval thinking on part of these stupid religions is exposed.

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Sanjeev said...

Read this sad story elsewhere. Much grief came just imagining how f-ed up the kids life is/will be.