Sunday, April 5

Christian Far Right terrorism in the UK

This chap, Neil MacGregor, apparently threatened to blow up Glasgow Central Mosque and behead one Muslim per week till all Muslims are gone. Now curiously, this news item was not flashed on any of the media. I wonder why? And as many have inquired, if a British Muslim had actually planned to blow up Westminster Cathedral, what do you think the reaction would have been?

He belongs to the National Front, a particularly detestable, hideously stupid bunch of morons. Take a look at their website, a bunch of more intellectually challenged morons will not be found anywhere, but then these kinds of religious and/or ideologically skewed idiots seem to be particularly potent in this country.

Islamophobia is pretty much rife here, institutionally racism anybody? And no, I am not exaggerating, what else explains the lack of any form of media coverage whatsoever? I Google News searched for Neil MacGregor and Glasgow Central Mosque and all I could find was ZERO, Nada, nothing, not a sausage mention of this case. Blogs yes, news items no. This blogger asked about it and he got this response from STV. This never stopped other terrorism trials to be covered before sentencing now, did it?

Dear Mr Ahmed

Thank you for your email. stv have not covered the story in any detail so far as the case keeps being deferred. We are aware of the date of his sentencing and may cover it accordingly.

Thanks for your interest.

Kind Regards

Some links here and here. I searched for the case on the Scottish Court’s Website , but could not find anything. It might be that the case is still running, so dont know if its up. Mind you, the story seems to be broken by The Digger, a bit of a rag, by the sounds of it here and here.

Anyway, worth keeping a beady eye out on this.

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