Monday, June 29

Banned Pakistani groups 'expand'

Astonishing indeed and seriously bewildering. On one hand, the Pakistani Army is fighting what appears to be a pretty much full fledged war against Jihadi’s with gunships, armour and mechanised infantry in Swat. Just a few tens or hundred miles away, its encouraging the growth of these jihadi’s. Obviously, all jihadi’s are made equal but some are more equal than others. I quote:


Militant groups banned in Pakistan are expanding operations and recruitment in Pakistani-run Kashmir, according to a government report seen by the BBC. The observations are from a detailed secret report submitted to the region's government on the groups' activities in the city of Muzaffarabad and elsewhere.

And if you wanted more proof (dont know why, its pretty clear to everybody) that its the Pakistani Army and Intelligence Services who are in cahoots with them, here’s the kicker:

It then goes on to say that the authorities should take up the matter with the intelligence agency responsible for the militants. The report says officials from that agency should relocate the militants to some area near the border, otherwise clashes with locals could take place.

Lovely, solve the problem by shifting them to some other place. Which would either be in Afghanistan against the Americans, in Balochistan or in other places in Pakistan which means that poor state sinks further and further. Or best, why not in India? HA!

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