Wednesday, September 2

Organic Wines are fertilized excrementally

I was falling about laughing when I was reading this. I quote:

Helen Comoutos is a winemaker who knows about faeces.  “Sheep manure is the secret ingredient,” Comoutos says during a stroll through her 25 acres of aromatic vineyards on the Ionian Sea island of Zakynthos, the place where legend has it Zeus came for his wine.

“No chemical fertilizers, no industrial weed killers,” the octogenarian Greek vineyard owner adds, proudly prodding the roasting loam with her walking stick on a hot August afternoon. “We’ve mostly made our $15 Verdea Grande Reserve this way since 1638. And now the rest of the world is following us.”

Either way, all organic wines must be fertilized excrementally. In Burgundy, for instance, homemade compost mixtures based on cattle dung are handed down from father to son. One recipe, according to wine consultant and historian Clive Coates, calls for droppings to be stuffed inside a cow horn, buried in the earth on a special date and dug up on another before being diluted by 10 million parts of water and applied to the soil.

I am not that much of a wine drinker, the idea of drinking fermented grape juice somehow just doesnt fit into my world view, but the idea that one is drinking stuff made from grapes grown in manure… go figure.

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