Tuesday, September 29

What factors drive Mathematics Achievement of students?

Quite an interesting paper, this one. The chaps analysed more than 100000 15 year old students and what did they find? Well, quite interestingly, they found that your scores in mathematics are better when:

  • richer or more egalitarian countries;
  • when living with two parents,
  • without grandparents,
  • with fewer siblings (especially fewer older siblings);
  • with higher family SES,
  • more books,
  • cultural possessions,
  • or cultural communication;
  • or when they had greater interest in mathematics,
  • more effort and perseverance,
  • and higher self-efficacy or self-concept

Quite an interesting medley of factors, eh? Some surprises were there obviously. What on earth is the connection with grandparents? And nothing direct on teachers?

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