Friday, December 18

Bubonic Plague / Ebola / Flesh Eating Bacteria aka Man Flu

I frequently suffer from a whole host of horrible diseases which range from Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Flesh Eating Bacteria, etc. etc. The women in my life, starting from my mum to my wife to my sisters and my little princess call it as Man Flu and dismiss it cruelly, but what do these women know, they are just women, they never fall ill. Only men can understand the gravity of this severe disease. This picture is a fair representation of a terminally ill man:


Look at him, the man is obviously on his last legs. Can you as his significant other ever say no to his miserable crying, bleating and whining? You are supposed to help him, cuddle him, have sex with him, and say, “poor little bunny” frequently while feeding him lots of soup and stuff.

The paramedics obviously have a better handle on things as this video shows:

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