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What does the BNP think of non white membership?

Fascinating history of emails.

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>> Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 5:38 PM
>> Subject: RE: non white membership
>> > Dear All,
>> >
>> > I have now had a chance to catch up on this debate and would like to
>> > suggest the following:
>> >
>> > 1. We make (in selected cases) an added requirement for membership.
>> > That
>> > being the form of an exam or test based upon British History/Culture
>> > for
>> > example. We could even go to an intrinsic level and set a test on the
>> > history of British Nationalism.
>> > A pain in the backside, but probably only necessary in a dozen or so
> cases
>> > a year.
>> > We would be thoroughly justified in checking that people were joining
> for
>> > the right reasons. It would be our equivalent of "stop and search".
>> > 2. The idea that Lee Robinson came up with concerning the limited
> company
>> > is very interesting. Of course nobody, even if they are black, has the
>> > right to join the board of a company, that has to be earned.
>> > We could create an inner tier of membership that could perhaps use a
>> > recommendation system of current members with regards potential new
>> > members in the same way that golf clubs do to keep out the riff-raff.
>> > 3. I agree that signing a statement of our aims should be added as a
>> > membership requirement. This could be as "strong" as we like and as
>> > well
>> > as putting off undesirables would help prevent against another "Maureen
>> > Stowe".
>> > 4. Is there not a legal entitlement to freedom of association?
>> > 5. The CRE letter should go online ASAP as others have suggested or
>> > else
>> > people might think we are pulling a fast one to let them in.
>> > 6. I am sure the papers would be very interested in this story, "The
> Asian
>> > who demands to join the BNP". Would he be so keen to press his case if
> his
>> > face and address were all over the newspapers?
>> > 7. If the CRE really do go for this we ought to use this to do as much
>> > damage to them ASAP. We can highlight the disproportionately ethnic
> staff
>> > and the fact that they leave ethnic only groups alone.As such could we
> not
>> > look at the concept of malicious prosecution?
>> > We can portray this as an attempt by foreigners to basically deny white
>> > Europeans the right to their own identity. They should be left in no
> doubt
>> > that we will milk the publicity mercilessly and that in itself might
> make
>> > them get cold feet.
>> > 8. Can we not glean anything from the way the trade unions appear to
> have
>> > successfully kept/kicked us out?
>> >
>> > Still thinking about some other stuff, but we must not allow ourselves
> to
>> > be panicked into making what could be a catastrophic decision.
>> >
>> > Simon
>> >

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> Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 6:43 PM
> Subject: Re: non white membership
>> Dear All
>> Simon puts some interesting points forward which are broader than the
> single
>> issue of how we deal with ethnics who want to join/work with us.
>> The many questions being forwarded are readily summarised into the single
>> sentence "what kind of BNP do we want to build?" The ethnic issue alone
>> is
>> now giving us an opportunity to think in broader terms of the movement's
>> development.
>> The idea of an higher (sounds better than "inner") grade of membership
>> should be further explored which is only achievable by long-term
> membership
>> plus action or highly sought after skills, it must be clear that some
>> newcomer simply can buy his way in through a hefty donation.
>> I think freedom of association has gone by the wayside these days.
> Men-only
>> golf clubs have been forced to admit women and as we know even trade
> unions
>> cannot exclude BNP members. They might have prevented BNP members from
>> getting elected office but membership is open to all employees who pay
> their
>> subs and presumably agree to the constitution of that particular union.
>> However the situation re: golf clubs is a valid one, not just anyone can
>> join a golf club, even the very wealthy have to find someone to sponsor
> them
>> and usually have to have a face to face interview and thereafter the
>> decision lies with the membership committee. In practice would this work
> for
>> us? If we refused black membership we are back to the current situation
> but
>> would have adopted a new layer of administration and bureaucracy. Do we
> want
>> to start or have the resources to vet everyone who applies? Again we have
> to
>> make a decision about vetting all or none. Hundreds of folk are joining
>> online every month. We could pull the plug on this very anonymous way of
>> joining immediately and instead of paying online they indicate a
> willingness
>> to "apply for membership" which is very different. They at least receive
>> a
>> visit from a local contact/organiser who can then "approve" their
>> membership. They can be directed to a suitable hidden online page and
>> complete the payment process, perhaps with a "unique subscription key"
> given
>> to them by their unit contact/organiser?
>> Surely we want to build a larger membership base with measured speed,
>> steering a middle way between going for quantity as fast as possible and
>> going for quality which may take considerable time. Both have their
> faults,
>> quantity quickly means while we benefit financially we have an
> overstretched
>> infrastructure unable to cope with flood of new applicants. Building
> quality
>> slowly delays what we know to be a time limited operation. Can the white
>> nationalist movements throughout Europe afford to be too choosy when we
> are
>> all likely to be voiceless minorities in less than 50 years?
>> I understand where Simon is coming from with his suggestion of a test but
> we
>> have to decide if the BNP of tomorrow is to be a broad based political
> party
>> which welcomes protest voters and political virgins as well as those
>> committed to the longer term cause or a smaller but more professional,
>> politically aware and dedicated elite?
>> I have to question where the politically aware elite are to be found, as
>> surely one of the many pressing and fundamental tasks of the BNP is to
> take
>> disaffected knee-jerk protesters whether they are farmers, hauliers,
> single
>> mums and the voiceless young males on the estates and turn them into
>> political soldiers. I know from personal experience that at least two of
> our
>> relatively new Scottish unit organisers had no political background and
> very
>> little political awareness before joining us, but 12 months later have
>> proven to be highly effective and very productive individuals.
>> I am not so sure a test would work in practice. Again if we made
> non-whites
>> and only non-whites sit this test, that would be seen as discrimination
>> in
>> itself. We would probably find many white applicants, particularly
>> younger
>> folk sadly know sod all about British history and culture, many more less
> so
>> about British nationalism and why deny them the opportunity to join our
>> party/movement where they will at least be offered the opportunity (or
>> forced) to learn about their culture and heritage. One has to suggest
>> that
>> it sadly is the case that some professional asians and blacks have more
>> knowledge of the achivements of Empire and British society than some
>> teenagers in white council estates from Devon to Doncaster.
>> I think a test at the outset is rather too exclusive. There may be a case
> or
>> having some kind of assessment 12 months after application but how many
>> pensioners who are content with paying their subs and taking the
> literature
>> are going to be happy with an assessment of what they have achieved in
>> the
>> past 12 months.
>> Here we go back to the earlier suggestion about a two tier membership.
>> The
>> dedicated ones would willingly submit to regular assessments as they seek
> to
>> move toward the higher level and achieve their ambition of "Officer"
> level.
>> In practice the statement of principle however we decide to word it must
>> therefore be sent out with every membership application, the application
>> form needs to be redrafted to include a box which must be ticked and
> online
>> the signing up process can only be completed if someone ticks the box
> saying
>> they have read the t&cs and agree to those t&cs, even if they have read
> them
>> or not.
>> Would the CRE under any set of circumstances get "cold feet"? I doubt it.
>> This is a mission for the hostile Blacks in the CRE and the white
>> liberals
>> in Government. It is a mission to "smash whitey" and as the BNP is the
> most
>> obvious "white party" they will go for us in a big way. I have no doubt
> they
>> would go for any other party which was proving to be a thorn in its side.
> As
>> Nick as already indicated in one reply which is now online, the CRE have
>> virtually unlimited access to funds That money can be used to great
>> effect
>> by them in adverts in the press and while we might find some tabloids
> ready
>> to have a dig at the CRE and its lavish spending on ethnics they are
>> unlikely to express any sympathy for the cause of white patriots. I hope
> the
>> CRE lay it on thick with the media using "no hiding place for racists"
> "type
>> headlines, even if the court action proves to be unnecessary because of
> our
>> anticipation and clever out-manoeuvering. In fact the thicker and more
>> blatantly anti-white the headlines and the CRE's press statements, the
>> better because that will help polarise more white Britons against the
>> multi-culti regime. We must of course use our publicity machinery to
>> heighten awareness that the "tiny BNP is truly the latest and sorest
> victim
>> of this anti-British frenzy" etc etc.
>> I know a lot of folk via email are pressing the issue to see the CRE
> letter
>> of threat. Tyndall has already suggested it doesnt exist. Do we have to
> wait
>> for the publication of July's "Spearhead" when he has already fired his
>> shot online? The publication of the letter will reinforce the degree of
>> urgency and the seriousness of the issue. Some folk are writing in saying
>> "wait and see". Perhaps Nick/Lee can confirm what our expected timetable
> is?
>> Do we have months or weeks to "wait and see" if the court action will
>> materialise?
>> We are in the excellent position of using this anticipated legal action
>> to
>> help us focus on the wider development and future of the racial
> nationalist
>> movement in Britain and the BNP as a vehicle to be both political and
>> non-political as we build cultural and business "fronts" and rather than
>> a
>> bloody nuisance is actually a good opportunity to get our plans right for
>> the decade ahead.
>> Steve

Nick Griffins response. More to come later
Griffin" <>
To: "Steve in Stirling" <>
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Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: non white membership
> Very well put. I agree with the whole thing.
> I sent a suggested timescale yesterday. Check you got it. As I said in it,
> we should pblish the CRE letter on about the 20th if possible, though can
> do
> so earlier if people feel we really need to. Comments on that point
> please.
> I don't see, by the way, why Simon's and Steve's points here shouldn't go
> online as well (with the Tyndall reference removed).
> N

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