Friday, April 23

PIGS and the UK, the deficit. Stop Spending our money!


Says it all, no? PIGS: Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and then UK. Weep for us, world. We have a bunch of muppets in the form of our politicians who cannot simply stop spending. And this will keep on worsening

Darling’s projections have been wonky

and this is what market oracle thinks of our future

And what is the Labour, Conservatives and LibDems proposal? To faff around with 6 billion of cuts. When the actual situation is

That level of cuts is just a bit under ONE MONTH’s gap. For the rest of the 11 months, the government will be borrowing from your kids and my kids, from your pension and my pension, just to maintain this level of spending. Now there is just one small thing they can do. STOP SPENDING!

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