Friday, May 7

Sound bites in the UK election and what they really mean #ge2010 #ge10

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“I’m not a racist, but . . . ” – I am a racist and I’m voting for the BNP.

“Nick Clegg was good in the TV debates” – I haven’t read the Lib Dem manifesto.

“Gordon Brown doesn’t come across well on TV” – Gordon Brown is a walking, talking political disaster zone. He is the Deepwater Horizon of British politics.

“I don’t follow politics” – I’m poor, and I’ll stay poor, whoever gets in.

“I’ve always voted Labour in the past” – Voting Tory will make me feel dirty, but sexy too.

“I’m worried that the recovery could stall” – I’m worried about losing my overpaid public sector job.

“I’m worried about the deficit” – I envy my neighbour’s generous public sector pension.

“It’s time for a change” – I want to pay less tax.

“I’m undecided” – A plague on all your houses, I’m staying in bed on polling day.

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