Wednesday, May 26

Well-paid mothers breast feed longer

This made me blink as well. I quote:

Mothers with high salaries breast feed their children longer than mothers with lower incomes, according to a new Swedish study. “Our results suggest that those of us within maternal and paediatric health ought to give mothers from low-income groups more attention when it comes to questions about breast feeding,” said nurse and PhD student Thomas Wallby, to the Upsala Nya Tidning (UNT) newspaper.
Wallby and his colleagues followed roughly 12,000 children from
Uppsala County in eastern Sweden for the study, which was carried out jointly by Uppsala University and the county's child health services. Using information collected from the child health service, researchers looked for connections between nursing patterns and socioeconomic factors affecting the mothers.
After six months, three-fourths of the children were still being nursed. However, smoking mothers breast-fed their children for significantly shorter periods of time, the study showed. The study also revealed differences in breast feeding habits of women with different income levels. The higher the income, the greater the chance that the mother was still nursing after six months,” Wallby told the newspaper.

What’s the connection between smoking mothers and breast feeding? Is this because they have to go to have a smoke and dont want to breast feed? That doesnt make sense at all. Do you think it makes sense?

The well paid mothers breastfeeding for longer makes sense. It is well known that breast feeding is better for the baby, and given that there is a good relationship between pay and health/knowledge, it makes sense that a well paid highly educated mother will breast feed for longer. Plus lets not forget that if you are well paid, then you do not have to go to work compared to lesser paid women. Thus you can be at home and breast feed, unlike lesser paid women who have to go out to work, makes it more difficult to breast feed babies while you are a receptionist or a waitress. Yes, Sir, what would you like to have today Sir? Oh! sorry, excuse me, hold on while I go suckle. Doesnt work.

But the smoking thing worries me, why are they smoking in the damn first place?

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