Saturday, June 19

News on the #charity front

Apologies for missing out the last week’s update, I have just moved off from my current project and am spinning up a giant new transformation programme which is making my hair hurt, eyes itch and toes curl. Nothing big or huge to report on the past two week’s progress but some little ones.

1. In last year’s SIFE competition, London School of Economics team, which I had the privilege to advice, won the rookie competition and the HSBC financial literacy prize. Very chuffed indeed. Very good work, girls.

2. The SIFE team and I are meeting TeachFirst on Monday. To see how we can get the trading game and our financial literacy mission into the teaching of these excellent high calibre teachers. If 800 of these excellent teachers annually pick up our game and we squirt this out to the schools, this will become brilliant and big.

3. Am also working on how to see this teacher pack business become global in nature, but very hush hush for now :)

4. Have also been thinking about old laptops. The fact that I found out that so many students are unable to study at home because they dont have pc’s (IN THIS internet DAY AND AGE!!!) is shocking. Or even at work, quite a lot of schools are disadvantaged in this. Do not have good equipment. So am working with our IT department to see if we can kick loose some 100-200 old laptops for one school as an experiment. We are going to go meet the school in 2 weeks time, so wait for that :)

5. I attended a charity fund raiser for VSO. Quite impressive. Getting more details on it. And it was a chocolate tasting event, so wait up for that essay.

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