Saturday, July 17

My experiences with #iPhone OS 4.0

I decided to write out my frustrations with this bloody upgrade. Poxy thing has just weirded out. Cant run bloomberg applications so cant check my stock prices and details. I cant take good photographs because the gorillacam application no longer loads.

It now has one inbox across all the inboxes but it has to be connected to the internet before it can move things to trash. Typing emails is hit and miss, it runs out of memory and craps out. After you have typed in 2 paragraphs on it, very painfully, to have lost the draft is bloody frustrating.

The bloody thing is slower than an arthritic snail on a bed of dry salt. The mobile phone performance sucks, one can hardly hear it. But it has folders, YEAH!

What on earth are these buggers doing? Absolutely horrible. I have removed more than 60% of the apps and its still slow.

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