Sunday, December 26

A charity funded by the Govt is not a charity #ukpolitics

So there is this charity called as Booktrust Charity. It does good stuff, like giving out books for people to read when they are children. For me as a confirmed bibliophile, I like the idea, get more people to read about it.

But here’s what is confusing me. This is supposed to be a charity? So where is the charitable giving? Relying on the government to fund you means that you arent a charity, you are just another government department. Do you think that the government has some other sources of money other than mandatory extraction of money from your pocket and mine via taxes.

So the government, very rightly, said if you are a charity, then get charitable donations, why are you relying on the govt to fund philanthropic activities?

These charities which are reliant on govt funding screw it up for the other charities like ours. We do not rely on government funding. We rely on our volunteers who go about getting money, running to raise money, etc. etc. So how come they get govt funding while we dont? Because we are based upon the principle that if its charity, then its not going to be based upon forcible extraction of money.

Everybody who is backing this charity to have government funding, you dont want a charity, you want public investment. Bah!, this is intellectual incoherence of the first order.

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