Thursday, February 10

Serious dating and your college education is shot

What an interesting research study. I quote:


This document reviews the controversy over the true high school graduation rate in the United States, provides a comprehensive review of the debate, discusses shortcomings of current methods, and proposes new methods that address those shortcomings. The author concludes that current methods that are widely used are flawed: High school graduation rates in the United States are well above 80 percent, with high racial disparity; the graduation rates for white and Asian students are around 85 percent, and the rates for Hispanic and African American students are around 70-80 percent. Moderate dating has a positive impact on college readiness and college enrollment; serious dating and early sex has a significant negative impact on graduation and college enrollment.

Main thing is, keep your dating to moderate and don't shag too soon. Otherwise your school graduation efforts and college enrolment is threatened. You tend to get distracted. Hmmm, I think i can agree with this research.

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