Thursday, March 10

Male Circumcision is as heinous as female genital mutilation

When a male baby gets its foreskin snipped off by a rabbi or a mullah, just how and why is it different from a woman whose clitoris or labia are removed? There is no choice, there is religious or tradition sanction and at end of the day, the child loses some of its bits. Just how is this freedom of religion? Would you allow a parent to keep their child in filth or not give them medicine just because some medieval obscurantist religion demands it? It is just bizarre. And for people saying that it does not actually change the sexual feeling, that’s not the point, the point is that you are actually removing a bit from your child just because a culture or religion says so. That’s conceptually the same as that of FGM, they offer up the same excuse, its part of religion or its part of culture. Go figure. Bah!

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