Tuesday, March 22

Measuring you in 102 ways.

This bewildered me. I quote:

the Education Secretary said the current skills required of teachers are ‘woolly, meaningless and fluffy’ concepts. Of the 102 so-called standards, just two state the need for good ‘subject and curriculum knowledge’. Four focus on health and safety and three on a ‘commitment to co-operative learning’. Other immeasurable targets include ‘a creative and constructive approach towards innovation’.

Before you moan about the Daily Mail, see the standards document here. Its incredible and its true. These are standards that every teacher has to satisfy if they want to reach proper advanced skills teacher level. Just how you measure all these is ridiculous. Why are we loading our teachers with all this crap? Get rid of them, bring it down to basics (how well are the students doing is a good start measured by examination results). Yes, one measure is pretty good. If the complaint is that the exams are not appropriate, that’s a different matter but for teacher evaluation, stick to one measure. Meh!

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