Friday, April 8

Cannibalism in Pakistan

I have never heard of cannibalism in Pakistan. But this news story was quite interesting. I quote:

LAHORE: Police on Sunday have arrested two corpse-eaters from the Darya Khan area of Bhakkar, Punjab.

The arrested men claimed that they have been feeding on dead bodies of humans since the past 10 years.

According to details, a 24-year-old girl, Saira of Kahawarh Kallan died last night and was buried in a graveyard nearby. When Saira’s relatives went to her grave to offer prayers, they found the grave opened and realised that the body was not there anymore. They reported the matter to the police.

The police immediately tried to trace the responsible by studying and following the footprints left near the grave and arrested Arif and Farman. Police also seized coffins and parts of other corpses from their home.

The arrested men admitted that they had been eating the flesh of dead humans and dogs since a decade.

Does this have anything to do with Hindu tantrik rituals? The names of the chaps sound Muslim to me so that doesnt make sense. Just gone quietly mad? or wanting a high protein diet? Or members of some kind of a zombie worshipping cult? what?


F said...

yeah, its pretty wierd isnt it ? Too bad we have no forensics to speak of so not sure if these guys will be studied for the true macabre curiosity that they are.

I dont think they were poor or starving either because they seemed to have some income from farming.

Anonymous said...

What is the statement of deptt: of anthropology univ. Islamabad etc about this example of cannibalism. An academic opionion vil throw more light on the issue.