Tuesday, April 26

Tweet, tweet, tweet: A content analysis of nonprofit organizations’ Twitter updates

Well, this research seems to say that the NGO’s are actually just pushing out messages, rather than engaging in a two way conversation. The research highlights are:

► Nonprofit organizations predominantly use Twitter to convey one-way messages to their followers.

► Of the traditional public relations models, public information was most often used by nonprofits followed by press agentry, two-way asymmetry, and two-way symmetry.

► The lack of conversation continues the line of public relations scholarship showing that the majority of organizations (nonprofit, corporate, government) continue to lack interactivity and engagement on the Internet.

Now the tendency of NGO’s to be shrill and one track mind in their ideology is part of their characteristics. After all, why would anybody in their right mind get into a debate about their message? Its my message and I will stick to it. But then my question is, is this issue more of a twitter issue (you really cannot have a debate in 140 characters messages) or is this a more fundamental problem with the NGO’s? My suspicion is that its both.

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